Saint Lucia clarifies position on LIAT

Saint Lucia clarifies position on LIAT

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Prime Minister Honourable Allen Chastanet has clarified the Government of Saint Lucia’s position on LIAT following reports carried by local and regional media that Saint Lucia will subsidise the airline.

“We support LIAT as a regional airline and remain committed to seeing the necessary restructuring and some real change in operations at LIAT,” explained Prime Minister Chastanet.

“We have been consistent in our position on LIAT in that we propose that the airline operate on a strictly commercial basis. We have not yet made a decision on subsidising LIAT. What we have agreed to is a meeting to discuss some of the issues relevant to the airline. We look forward to continued dialogue with the OECS and other stakeholders on the future of the airline.”


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  1. Exactly! Its an amazing initiative that our government is taking to subsidize in Liat. Liat has robbed our people for too long! And now we are the onces who can make them survive. Karma!


  2. Have any of you looked at the fare break down of a LIAT ticket presently? A 2 way ticket to Antigua has a US$110.00 base fare, but one has to pay US$313.14 tor that ticket, because of all the taxes and fees. PM Brown is correct about LIAT's importance for regional travel and integration. But the cost of air travel does not encourage people persons to travel within region. In some cases it is cheaper to travel to the U.S. Or Canada the to another Caribbean island 30 minutes away. For LIAT to become sustainable, the cost of tickets need to come down. Our governments need to get involved for that to happen.


    • Thanks. I believe it is fair to pay the economic costs for travel from Point A to Point J. But to pay for integration? Hell no.


    • Integration is a very nebulous idea. It is pie in the sky. No smart person pays for crap like that. It is not a service.


  3. Any decision made by this government must first benefit the large ALL-INCLUSIVE RESORT chain on island. Where are their visitors coming from?


  4. For an airline that sooo expensive, I really can’t understand how they never in a profit


  5. Before this statement, I was of the firm belief that the goodly PM had done an about-face. Thanks for clarifying your position Mr. PM. You must be resolute with those far-left socialists, passing themselves off as supporters of democratic government. They are robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    For years on end, those governments have fought tooth and nail to keep unprofitable hubs on different islands, because these are sources of employment for their own nationals. It is so obvious that real names need not be called.

    We, in Saint Lucia experience no such employment benefit. To continue to pour money with the transfer of wealth [They call them loans] from the pockets of non-hub user countries of LIAT, into those of hub country nationals is an onerous and painful subsidy. The high ticketing cost is just burden.

    The Board of Directors of LIAT is too often packed with nationals of owner-governments who know precious little about the operations of passenger airlines. The management technologies in use fall far short of what is desired for the modern-day operations of such carriers.

    The solution to LIAT's problems can never be just more discussions that are little more than a rehash of what has gone on before. Saint Lucia must remain firm and resolute in its demands for real structural change, a full liquidation and a pressing the restart button.

    Saint Lucia must make this absolutely clear: Any unpaid landing fees, already in jeopardy, is what that can be converted into equity, and not the implied support with government loan guarantees, or the transfer of hard currency with claims on our scarce foreign exchange earnings at any time.


  6. Unless political favors are taken out of the equation in the appointees of the management team and replaced with competent and knowledgeable, education specific in running a profitable airline.
    It is a shame that LIAT has to be subsidised when the airline has the sole monopoly on the region, where fares are set accordingly with no fear of competition!
    It's about time the shareholders/government take a hard stance and decision to hire someone with a solid past record of running a profitable airline to make LIAT a stand alone organization that would not have to depend on its share holders for a bailout decade after decade. ..come on people, wake up and smell the ocean breeze!


  7. Somebody please, where is the clarification on the Government of St Lucia position in the above article!!

    Is the clarification that they will be a meeting to discuss!


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