Saint Lucia celebrates excellence

Saint Lucia celebrates excellence

(GIS) – Eleven young Saint Lucians will be the first on the inaugural Prime Minister’s Honor Roll, a new feature on the 2018 Independence calendar.

The Prime Minister’s Honour Roll was decided jointly by the Independence Planning Committee and the Office of the Prime Minister. The awardees were recognized for sterling performance in the areas of education, sports, innovation and art.

Education awards were presented to Francis Alexander, Gilliem Raymond, Kira Defrietus and Rhea Barret, while sports awards were presented to Kemani Melius, Julien Alfred, and Quiana Joseph.

Awards for innovation were presented to Joannes Dujon, Denell Florius and Randy La Fontain. Ted Sandiford was the sole arts awardee.

The GIS caught up with the prime minister during Tuesday’s national Independence rally.

“The attitude of my government is about being positive and it’s about celebrating excellence. It’s about building on what we are already doing well. We have young people who are doing some incredible things that many Saint Lucians don’t even know about, and so this is an opportunity to highlight them, and hopefully to give them a boost. Some of them are business people, some have careers in education, and are dancing, and are learning, so I think these are really going to be the heroes of Saint Lucia.”

The prime minister assured that the honour role will remain an annual feature on the Independence calendar. The Prime Minister said the youth are a major focus of his government and are at the forefront of every strategy.


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