Saint Lucia bus drivers looking at possibility of increasing passenger numbers

Saint Lucia bus drivers looking at possibility of increasing passenger numbers

(PRESS RELEASE) — As part of reinforcing health protocols for COVID-19 on public transportation, the Ministry of Health and Wellness recently convened a meeting with bus drivers around the island.

The bus drivers were provided with guidance for decreasing the risk of passengers and themselves contracting COVID-19.

Chief Environmental Health Officer Parker Ragnanan spoke on the protocols expected on public transportation.

“The protocols are not very strenuous but are important. So we talk about the wearing of masks, both the drivers and the passengers are expected to continue wearing face masks. The issue of hand-sanitizing and it is important for provisions to be made to allow for adequate sanitizers to be available for hand-sanitizing as well as to maintain some physical distancing on a vehicle. We think that it is important to allow for space between passengers, as well as the procedure for cleaning and decontaminating a bus.”

Ragnanan said the discussion with the bus drivers was quite engaging.

“The transport sector is looking at whether there is a possibility for increasing the number of passengers that they can presently have on a vehicle. That discussion is ongoing and no decision was taken on that matter at that meeting. We need to be careful in terms of looking at public health and public health measures and we are adamant that these measures must be adhered to, notwithstanding other arrangements that individuals may want to make. So we continue to emphasize the need for protocols and adherence to those protocols.”

Presently, up to ten people are permitted to be on a public transport. — (Ministry of Health)


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