Saint Lucian model launches black doll collection

Saint Lucian model launches black doll collection
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Mala Bryan

Saint Lucia-born international model Mala Bryan has launched a collection of fashionable black dolls for the Christmas holidays, which will be available for local purchase soon.

Bryan, who said it has always been her dream to create her own doll collection, made the announcement in November on her social media pages, which has since received widespread attention.

Bryan, 33, who hails from La Pointe, Mon Repos and lived in Vieux Fort said as a doll collector said she found it difficult to find different black dolls with ethnic hair to add to her collection.

She said she realized she was not the only one having that issue but other adult collectors and parents wanting to add diversity to their children’s doll collection. She then decided to launch a collection of black dolls.

The model who now resides in South Africa said her dolls are unique because she designed them.

“I chose the eye shapes, skin color, their features I designed them all. I made them also with little to no makeup because I wanted their natural beauty to stand out,” she explained.

Bryan said her dolls are not just for kids, but adults who enjoy collecting dolls.

“I have finally been able to create a doll that many young black and brown girls can relate to and many children of other races can now have a black and brown doll to add to their collection,” she added.

Mallville dolls will be available at several retail stores across the island in the near future.

But in the meantime, persons can make purchases online at







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  1. Thank you young lady for creating these model dolls

    When I was a girl, my most desired toy was a black model doll to design clothes for. I was fortunate to have a seamstress neighbour who would give me scrapes of beautiful materials. Instead I had to make do with a coconut hand brush to put my designs on - it just wasn’t versatile – all my designs ended up the same – bodices and fanned out skirts!

    Young girls now if they are interested in dolls have these model dolls which can help to sparks their creativity. If I was young again and had one of these dolls, I would have made all kinds of clothes for her wardrobe on all kinds of themes including carnival, fashion contests! Playing with toys is where many budding designers begin their apprenticeship.


  2. Wearing weave or not is a choice it has nothing to do with color. Some need to grow up and shut the heck up!!!!


  3. I searched black dolls on and came across a "realistic monkey doll" on the bottom of page 1. smh.


  4. Honestly, when last did you see a Black woman?
    Because I don't consider women with black skin and a pack of weaves covering their own natural hair as "Black Women".

    It's been years I saw a Black woman.


    • seriously you call the crap Walmart have black dolls!!! if you cant say anything nice just be quiet, its time we learn to be supportive of other st.lucian trying to make a difference.. chhhooooppppppssssss!!! WALMART!!! SMH!!


  5. Black women just cannot depart from their weaves.
    Why are Black women ashamed of their natural hair, beats me.
    What a shame!


      • If I wanted a white woman, I would be with one, and NOT a cheap Imitation of a White woman ( who most of you black women sporting your weaves and looking so ridiculous) are.

        My Dear Lucian mother has always worn her Natural hair.
        She doesn't carry the Self-Hating gene like Most of you Modern day Black women.


    • Qualify your statement with 'some' black women, hen open your eyes and you will see some girls, and some women wearing their hair natural. Perhaps the women you are interested in are weave, wig, and extension wearing. And that is not OK with you!


    • No they're not. Same crappy Barbie with different colour. Why not make some proper dolls. I'll buy a voodoo doll any day.


      • so what r u doing to put self esteem in little coloured girls or to contribute to your community/island? if you have nothing good to say, dont say at all.


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