Saint Lucia authorities asked to crack down on heavily tinted vehicles to fight crime (letter)

Saint Lucia authorities asked to crack down on heavily tinted vehicles to fight crime (letter)

Dear Editor: I would like to extend my concern as a citizen regarding the increase in crime on our beautiful paradise island.

Can you please ask that the prime minister (PM) and opposition leader, please come together to help cut down on the killings.

I personally think one of our major problems ia vehicles driving around with those very dark tinted windows and no one can identify those people. It could be the most wanted man.

Please PM, can you kindly look into this as a matter of urgency? Please make this as illegal like England and America. Thanks and hoping you can please take my concern on board. Many thanks.

— Concerned citizen


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  1. I have an issue, dark tints should no be a problem, the number plates should identify the owner of the vehicle, that’s more important, the government should have technology in place for the police to look up the number and get all info about the vehicle.


  2. Great observation. These vehicles (including MPs, police etc) should not be so heavily tinted.


  3. I personally think that your personal thought should remain personal. Jack Ass Zaphere moon! You want the ability to see your trifling spouse. In this insane heat try to raise the topic of tint. Just try. FOOL! With all the issues we really have on this rock you personally brought tint to the table.


  4. Whoever wrote this letter wants to see when their man or woman passes on a tinted vehicle. That can never stop crime. Right now fellas walking to spray shots or on bikes leave me with my triple tinted windows. My jabals need to b hidden


  5. U want to start some thing, ask the authorities with personal vehicles that are heavy tinted to do so first. Lead by example.


  6. Hot sun and y’all asking to remove tint... masia re evaluate yourselves!!! I think crime could be better solved without ppl suffering.


  7. How am I suppose to hide man dem wife's and girlfriends without my double Limo tint?
    (1) I think number plate recognition would be a better idea to identify badman dem.
    (2) Anyone that's known to be involved in criminal activities are not allowed to have tinted windows.


  8. The fact is, dark shade no longer represents cooler. Newer technology window film allows 80-90% light in with the same heat reduction as the old "limo tint." I like the idea of police (and myself for that matter) knowing who is in the car next to me. I think it's a reasonable and good idea.


  9. So Because my car tinted for the blazing hot sun we experiencing these days, means i'm a wanted man?

    That is very stupid to post seeing we experience near 40 Degree Weather on a daily.

    Not Everyone should suffer for a stupid criminal. We should all walk around with copies of our ID's around out necks then.



  10. like everything have 2 sides,
    positive on tinted windows = it protects you from the sun and keeps the care cooler
    negative = identification of passengers are difficult or not possible

    I personally are in favour of it because of blocking the hot sun.


  11. The issue will be that the most tinted vehicles are actually Ministers vehicles with no SLG plate, like the one Ray Charles used to drive around and in the I think now the PM and those police officers private vehicles. I know some of them and their tint is sooo dark. Great idea though.


  12. great advice, but don't expect that to happen in this God forsaken country of ours. The only initiative the authorities know to fight crime is put cops to patrol, whilst they patrolling criminals passing them in heavily tinted vehicles and the cops cant see shit. Saint Lucia is Joke.


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