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Saint Lucia Association of Social Workers wishes Saint Lucian Women a happy International Women’s Day

Press Release

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743d022e-989c-4019-84be-219fe41f5392PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Association of Social Workers would like to extend a happy and productive International Women’s Day to all women of St. Lucia.

It requires no effort to recognize the immense and diverse contributions women make in all areas of life. Our women provide leadership in corporate, governmental and non-governmental organizations towards the aim of helping to advance the social, cultural, economic and political development of our nation. The footprints of women can be seen at all points in the labour market spectrum as they work assiduously to increase St. Lucia’s economic well-being.

In addition, women participate in the planning and implementation of a wide array of programmes and activities intended to redress issues that affect the community, and develop a sense of togetherness and pride among individuals.

Within the context of the family they help instill proper moral and values in our children so that they will become productive and law-abiding citizens. Thus, it is against this background that the Saint Lucia Association of Social Workers expresses sincere gratitude for the invaluable contribution women make towards the advancement of our nation.

Despite the numerous and substantive strides made by women, the Association notes that there is still much work to be done as it relates to gender disparity in St. Lucia. In particular, the Association remains concerned about the sexual violence that women are exposed to in St. Lucia.

The physical, psychological, social and emotional abuse of women and girls is another area that the Association believes deserves much attention in order to have a society which is appreciative and respective of women. Another area of concern for the Association is the plight faced by many single-parent households which are headed by women who in most cases find it difficult to meet the needs of their families.

Accordingly, the Association believes that urgent and strategic efforts must be invested by governmental and non-governmental organizations to increase gender parity in St. Lucia. The empowering of women of all backgrounds must be a key component in our quest to create a society which is more sensitive and responsive to the needs of women. A society which is based on gender equality is much better placed to realize its full potential in all facets of life.

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