Saint Lucia Association of Social Workers elects a new executive

Saint Lucia Association of Social Workers elects a new executive

92d875ea-c12c-471e-8bd8-3cab28254314PRESS RELEASE – On Friday 4th December, 2015 a new Executive was elected to lead the affairs of the Saint Lucia Association of Social Workers.

The meeting was held at the conference room of the National Mental Wellness Hospital. The newly elected Executive comprises the following individuals:

  • Kendall Elva – President
  • Kerian Calixte – Vice President
  • Janice Charles-Secretary
  • Denise Vitalis -Assistant Secretary
  • Leah Goring -Treasurer
  • Lucia Regis-Yarde – Assistant Treasurer
  • Kerensa Deterville-Donelly – Public Relations Officer
  • Brenda Annerville – Assistant Public Relations Officer.

The Saint Lucia Association of Social Workers is a non-governmental organization which works to advance the professional development and other pertinent interests of social workers and individuals who work in various helping professions. Another objective of the Association is to work assiduously to advocate for better programmes and policies for the oppressed, vulnerable and marginalized members of society.

The attainment of social justice and social change via the empowerment of individuals and upholding of human rights principles is fundamental to meeting the mandate of the Association. At present the organization comprises of social work students, individuals qualified in the field of social work; and persons employed in human service agencies.

This Executive has vowed to transform the Association into a dynamic and meaningful organization. Further, the executive believes the Saint Lucia Association of Social Workers should be strategically positioned to serve the interest of its members in an efficient and effective manner. Also it promises to work tirelessly to improve the image of the Association.


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  1. I served as a past Secretary and past President. Clementia Eugene was the 1st President. We volunteered and trained volunteers of The Holy Family Children's' Home in 1n 1998. Collaborated with Howard University and OCOD conducted Training Workshops for members and non-members of the Association.
    Clementia , My self and a representative from OCOD presented a joint paper on behalf of SLASW at a conference in Montreal in 2000. Team SLASW you can do it again and more.. So proud of you. Congratulations our 1st Male President and all executive and all members and perspective members. President Elva, Please encourage more male into the profession.


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