NewsSaint Lucia Association condemns ‘Continuing US Big-Stick Battering of Cuba’

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Castries, Saint Lucia, Friday November 12, 2021:– The Saint Lucia-Cuba Humanistic Solidarity Association (HSA) has condemned “plans and actions of Cuba’s political and ideological enemies” for “externally-propelled and interventionist political activities by internal groups in Cuba on November 15, 2021.”

The Association, which promotes People-to-People Friendship between Saint Lucia and Cuba, in a Press Release Friday (November 12), reacted to information officially relayed to the diplomatic community in Havana, exposing a clear US connection with a planned series of national anti-government protests planned for Monday (November 15).

The US connection was exposed by Cuba’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez and subsequently shared with the international press.

According to the HSA, “These plans to interfere with Cuba’s sovereignty are financially sponsored by foreign aggressors and are aimed at destabilizing social, political and economic order in Cuba.”

It also said, “These activities will be in direct violation of the provisions of the Cuban Constitution in these matters, and constitute an affront to the chosen way of life of the overwhelming majority of the revolutionary citizens of Cuba.”

The HSA also supported and repeated “the clarion call of the regional and international communities, to demand that the United States’ war of economic, commercial and financial aggression against Cuba, must cease.”

Aiming at the current US administration, the Association called for “the lifting and ending of the United States Economic, Commercial and Financial Embargo against Cuba, in the same manner that President Barack Obama had, to his eternal merit, realized was necessary, and which he had begun to implement during his second term (2012-2016).”

With the White House in mind, the statement continued, “Just as President Barack Obama understood this while Mr. Joe Biden was his Vice President, so must President Biden himself now seize the opportunity to embrace the wisdom of President Obama and resume the implementation of the former President’s ‘normalization of relations’ and rapprochement policies with Cuba.”

According to the HSA, “It is time that United States governments — both Democrats and Republicans — who presume to own the patent on democracy, get this message and digest it…”

The message: “Real Democracy is not the patented prescription of the United States or any single nation of the international community of nations and the idea that the Embargo’s justification is a response to a lack of democracy in Cuba, is farcical.”

The statement said, “The people of Cuba have stood up firmly against this endless economic and financial war of aggression for 62 years, and it is clear to the entire world that Cuba will continue to withstand these actions in perpetuity.”

The Association also quoted Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s address to the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 25 this year, when he explained that that, “ the US Embargo was not only obstructing the economic growth and development of Cuba, but also retarding the economic growth and development of Saint Lucia and that of the other countries of the Caribbean, all of which are regional friends and neighbors of Cuba and the United States.”

The HSA observed that “well-over 90% of United States citizens, as well as the United States Chamber of Commerce and the wider American business community, do not support embargos.”

Saying Cubans “will not be brought to their knees and will not be intimidated,” the Association said, “This senseless war and “Big Stick” battering of Cuba must stop and US sanctions against a sovereign nation State are a fundamental contradiction of truly democratic action.”

It concluded saying, “The HSA has no doubt that the heroic people of Cuba are prepared to respond adequately to these foreign-sponsored aggressions and violations.”

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