Saint Lucia Animal Protection Society receives donation

Saint Lucia Animal Protection Society receives donation

(GIS) – Every year the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia hosts an Independence Ball in which the proceeds received are donated to several charities.

Cabinet Secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister, Benson Emmanuel, presented a cheque donation of $4000 on behalf of the Prime Minister to the Saint Lucia Animal Protection Society (SLAPS), from the proceeds raised at the 2019 Independence Ball.

“I am extremely delighted to be able to make this presentation of small cheque to slaps, an organization that is doing tremendous work in Saint Lucia,” Mr. Emmanuel said. “We are pleased that coming out of the Prime Minister’s Independence Ball that the contribution is being made to a very worthy organization that is making a very worthwhile contribution to the development of Saint Lucia. It is often said if you want to know the heart and soul of a community, it is how they treat or take care of their animals, and your organization over the years with limited resources has really demonstrated its commitment to the welfare of animals.”

The founder of SLAPS, Pamela Devaux, expressed gratitude to Prime Minister for the donations received.

“We’ve been going for 21 years now, and we want to continue what we’re doing. We are currently in process of looking for new quarters for our dogs, and we have rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed many dogs over the years,” she said. “The main thrust apart from the rescue is sustaining and nurturing and this is a continuing program, and hopefully if we can continue and broaden out of the north so that we can help reduce the population of unwanted animals. This money will help us with our continued spend and nurturing program.”

This year the annual Prime Minister’s Independence Ball will take place on Feb. 22, 2020.


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