Saint Lucia and the US developing closer diplomatic relations

Saint Lucia and the US developing closer diplomatic relations

Thursday, July 05, 2012 – The Government of Saint Lucia looks forward to closer co-operation with the Government of the United States. Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Kenny Anthony on Tuesday July 3rd welcomed new United States Ambassador to the Eastern Caribbean and Barbados, His Excellency Larry Leon Palmer to Saint Lucia and underscored those sentiments to the US government official.

In his remarks the Saint Lucian leader noted the significance of the partnership that Saint Lucia and the sub-region has shared with the United States in many respects.

His Excellency Larry Palmer also officially handed over the keys to two brand new marine vessels and a heavy duty truck to the government of Saint Lucia on behalf of the Marine Unit of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

“Therefore there are two responsibilities for us. Protect very jealously our little island on the one hand and secondly, partner with countries close by so that we could maximize the security that is so vital to our future development. But as I indicated this closeness is important for other reasons and these reasons are for the very protection of our economy and our economic survival for the future.”

Ambassador Palmer also underscored that the US values the diplomatic partnership that it has shared with Saint Lucia over several years.  “I am so proud to be able to stand here with you as the United States of America and Saint Lucia joins together as a part of a shared security partnership to address the trans- national security challenges that we all face. This partnership is underscored by the co-operative working relationship between the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and especially its marine unit.”

The two newly commissioned vessels which while help the Marine Unit in policing Saint Lucia’s borders are The PO10 – Veronica Adley and the PO11 Eusebe Lawrence a former female fire officer and a former Police Commissioner respectively.


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