Saint Lucia and Republic of Kosovo sign visa waiver agreement

Saint Lucia and Republic of Kosovo sign visa waiver agreement

(PRESS RELEASE) — Saint Lucia and the Republic of Kosovo signed an agreement that allowed holders of diplomatic and official passports, the ability to travel to and enter the territory of the other party without the need for a visa.

H.E. Anton Edmunds, ambassador of Saint Lucia to the United States of America and H.E. Vlora Çitaku, ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to the United States of America, signed this visa waiver agreement while observing the necessary social distancing protocols associated with mitigating against the spread of COVID-19.

Saint Lucia established diplomatic relations with Kosovo on August 19, 2011, and this agreement on facilitating diplomatic and official travel is viewed by both parties as another step in the deepening of this relationship.

The establishment of visa-free regimes with other nations is part of the Government of Saint Lucia’s effort to expand its diplomatic footprint.


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  1. Kosovo is not russian and has nothing to do with it we are Albanian and we are happy to establish links with our friends in St Lucia


  2. I don't get the catch when this place have been one of the most racist in the world especially against blacks


  3. Have they no learnt what has gone wrong with the UK and this country. You think you don't have jobs now, just wait! They will be under cutting everyone, they know how to work.


  4. Is that the best our government can do? Why russiadoes government believe stlucian will flock to Russia ?it s good for the Russian but not st Lucian.


    • Anonymous please stop with your ignorance and read properly you damn ingrate!!!! Blockhead jackass!!!!! I guess waiving visas for only America would suit an ignorant as swipe such as yourself. Blockass the more places lucians are allowed to travel visa free increases the strength of our passport, economy, country and the EC dollars you damnass!!!!!


    • i dont know the last i checked kosovo, wasnt,in russia. these poeple dont like each orther ,and they sure dont like us.


    • I agree with you.If you want to visit these countries ordinary citizens need to apply for visas .


    • Idiot, before you comment know your geography... Kosovo is not Russia, Kosovo is landlocked in the center of the Balkans and bordered by the uncontested territory of Serbia to the north and east, North Macedonia to the southeast and is 5,669kms from Russia. The Government is giving idiots like yourself an opportunity to experience and expand your clearly do not have knowledge. Sit yo stupid A** down , maybe grab a book and read some sense into your idiot self.


    • The Republic of Kosovo is a partially-recognized state in Southeast Europe. It is not located in Russia. Please do your research before making a comment. Facts matters.


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