Saint Lucia Amateur Swimming Association Grassroots Program off to a great start

Saint Lucia Amateur Swimming Association Grassroots Program off to a great start

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Saint Lucia Amateur Swimming Association (SLASA) continues to forge ahead with its National Aquatic Development Plan – Najé Sent Lisi, with the implementation of a Swimming Program at the Ciceron Secondary School (CICSS) and the Lady Gordon Opportunity Centre (LGOC).

The form three (3) and form (4) Physical Education and Sport students from the Ciceron Secondary School were introduced to the sport of swimming this term. Upon completion a total of fifty two (52) students would have participated in the program at CICSS. Swimming is an option on the CXC Physical Education and Sport syllabus and the students will also have the opportunity to earn certification under SLASA’s National Aquatic Program.

CICSS will be joined by the LGOC every Wednesday, commencing next week. A total of fifteen (15) students from the LGOC will participate in the program.

The coaches from CICSS are Physical Education and Sport teachers Mr. Tariq Edward and Ms. Peanell Alfred, as well as Ms. Samora Isaac, the Health and Family Life Education teacher. They all participated in SLASA’s coaching clinics.

The LGOC will be coached by Mr. Hamish Joseph and Ms. Vanessa Louis two teachers from the school who also completed SLASA’s certification clinics. All teacher coaches will be under the guidance of Coach Yasmin Tyson who is the Aquatic Development Officer of SLASA.

During the coaching sessions students will be exposed to swimming, basic water safety and lifesaving skills. Sessions will be conducted at Vigie Beach as determined by the timetable.

Equipment for this program was provided by SLASA under a FINA grant. SLASA would like to invite any other schools or community based organization with an interest in setting up similar programs, so that there can be a sustainable structure to facilitate the growth of the sport in a safe environment. Feel free to contact our Secretary at email address [email protected]


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  1. Next, we should be looking at sailing as an Olympic sport. Get the youth involved in things positive instead of being look-outs for our admired drug bosses. Some vicious SOBs are always there grinning with deceitful help you talk. The youth then wind up as mere pawns in the drug and gang wars only to become more road kill.


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