Saint Lucia aims to get 35% of energy from renewables by 2020

Saint Lucia aims to get 35% of energy from renewables by 2020


HERALD TRIBUNE – The government of St. Lucia said Tuesday that plans are underway to generate 35 percent of the country’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020, pointing to two government agencies already equipped with solar power.

“The transition to renewable energy sources is a fundamental component of the energy security and price stability thrust of the government of St. Lucia,” Prime Minister Kenny Anthony’s administration said in a statement.

The National Mental Wellness Center and the headquarters of the National Emergency Management Organization are the two agencies equipped with solar panels.

Along with the shift to renewables, the government has set a goal of reducing public-sector energy consumption by 20 percent over the next five years.

Last December, the government announced that its Geothermal Resource Development Project received $2.8 million in grants from the World Bank and the New Zealand government.


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  1. essiay dee quick! Quack!
    This administration like most of our politicians are hallucinating. The report talks about panels on two government agency buildings or premises. But happily discerning persons are able to see right through the mirage. It is quite shameful how desperate the SLP really is, that it is exaggerating each and every thing that appears to be positive.
    We saw how 0.8% growth qualifies as a rebound. Basic hope of generating electricity to substitute for fossil fuels to 35% in 5 short years is in the minds of those dreamers is already a reality. Look at the state of technological knowledge in Saint Lucia, does this inspire confidence that these people know the first thing about what they are talking about?
    Renewables or renewable energy are highly technological. You can positively count on just one hand, the number of SLP clowns familiar with the subjects of physics and chemistry and mathematics and electrical engineering knowledge associated with alternative energy. How much confidence can you have in statements whose skill sets do not go pass basic arithmetic? So how are they going to assess with any realism whatever is presented to them as realistic goals. Without any knowledge of rates of return, benefit-cost, NPV? Is that why Rochamel happened? Is that why Gynberg happened?
    Then there are issues of the adoption rates of technology, testing, location issues, environmental issues, needed legislation regarding liabilities and tort, and accommodation and integration into the existing national grid. All of that covered in just four or five years?
    Don't hold your breath. The contribution of those solar panels may not get past even 2% of the target. Poor uninformed Saint Lucians, if they do not wake up soon, they are in for one hell of a big ride. Like Rochamel, the guffaws will once again be reverberating throughout the Caribbean.
    Hey, the shysters are at it once again! Regarding this funny pie in the sky story, they say that visions without a plan, realistic or otherwise, are called hallucinations.


  2. Alot can happen in four about this

    Rather than 'go out of the way' to activate such plans why not provide some concession to the public whom are willing able financially able...or even remotely interested in going green...provide a low cost...long term strategy where interested people will purchase solar panels...wind turbines...LUCELEC will be shaking in their boots so they will do whatever necessary to keep that push at bay...if they were smart they would invest in such to maintain the livelihood of the very people whom are keeping them afloat.


  3. It is one thing to say this. But most renewable energy is not at a stage where it is competitive against fossil fuels. (With the exception of hydro electricity which we do not have and geothermal which we have but may not be feasible based on the location). So if this is not followed by a policy where it is subsidized by money and/or incentives then this is just a politician doing what politicians do best.


  4. I'm saying this emphatically: We won't be able to achieve that objective as long as our only power company in Saint Lucia, i.e. LUCELEC keeps taking businesses and individuals to court when they go off grid. Don't believe me? Ask around and you will find out that they have gone to businesses with court orders, accompanied by Police officers, even shutting down their operations until the company reconnects to LUCELEC's power grid.
    Wake up Saint Lucia, this is just a show, we are not serious about renewable energy. When the law is changed and the power to do such is taken away from LUCELEC then I will believe you.
    Until then, I don't think any foreign agency should take the government of this country seriously (and I'm talking about both the SLP & the UWP).


    • You sure about that? I know if you generate your own power you are not allowed to distribute / sell it, I don't think you are are restricted from consuming yourself.


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