Safe Spaces in observance of International Day of Peace

Safe Spaces in observance of International Day of Peace

(PRESS RELEASE) – International Day of Peace is observed around the world on the 21st September yearly. The RISE (St. Lucia) Inc. Safe Spaces family and community leaders are devoted to strengthening the ideals of peacebuilding, both within our communities and among all St. Lucians.

The overall goal of the SAFE SPACES programme is to create and build a more peaceful and productive society, that is on a sustainable path of healthy community development. The programme is committed to creating community and national leadership alongside the awareness of Peace.

Safe Spaces believes in the ideology of Peace, economic dynamism, social justice, tolerance. All this and more depends on tapping into the power of St. Lucian youth and community leaders. We are committed to the development of a peaceful environment throughout our schools and the St. Lucian communities alike. In order to promote peace and explore its deeper components, we must understand and address the underlying reasons for its disruptions – such as violence, conflicts and human rights violations.

As we pave the way forward one community at a time, let peace prevail today and always in our hearts and country at large. Let us all be safe spaces.

Together we can make a difference.


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