Saadia Byron was beaten to death, according to post mortem

Saadia Byron was beaten to death, according to post mortem
Saadia Byron

Police officials have released the cause of death into the murder of mother of three, Saadia Byron, whose semi-nude body was discovered in a shallow stone grave near her home in Laborie on Nov. 11, 2017, about two days after she went missing.

Police said a post mortem examination revealed that Byron, 33, died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head and body.

The post mortem was conducted on Nov. 15 by Dr. Heather Emmanuel.

Police officials are unable to confirm or disclose, at this time, whether she was raped or not.

However, sources say forensic testing is currently lacking in the investigation.

No one has been formally charged in connection with Byron’s death.

Two individuals were questioned and released, and a third person was recently taken into custody.

It is not known if the third individual is still in custody.


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  1. It's a shame and I am ashame of the government of st lucia, we're nothing to dem.They can't help GOD will.


  2. Very sad to hear, considering that the first reports on the case seemed so promising. Now to hear that forensic testing cannot be done and that suspects have been released is disturbing. I have to agree that it seems that this mother's case will go unsolved like the many other females that perished and the case is still unsolved.


  3. I have come to the conclusion that the reason why crime is committed is because we all know that you won't get caught. You may leave your finger prints , even DNA and still you won't be caught , guaranteed


  4. That's what happens when big guys in the system encourage people to commit crimes all in the name of politics. One guy even told his slp follows to pick-up their and fire shots at uwp supporters anytime there is a gathering; it's right there in the comments section under on of United pack post


  5. This is soo sad that someone died and no one cannot be charged as yet. Also , because of lack of forensic testing it cannot be said if she's been raped or not. She's not the first either. Government after government and the same thing !!! The government needs to do better. Want to invest in soo many unnecessary things while our health and justice system is failing us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many more Jah ????!!!!!!!!


    • We have to deal with it my dear,I feel your anger but nothing it going to come out of Saadia case it will be the same old same old sweeping under the rug problem. Too many sisters have been raped, murdered and at the end the day no one is held accountable. There is a big problem growing in St.Lucia too many unsolved murders and too many murderers walking among us,we all have to be vigilant always look over our shoulders our surroundings check our drinks for it is not written on the BUTCHERS foreheads any opportunity they get they will strike because they know they can always get away with it.


  6. Really sad. Eighteen days (18) days after the body was found and it cannot be indicated if the lady was raped. That is unscientific and unacceptable in 2017.

    'Forensic testing is currently lacking' yet we have a multi million dollar lab sitting idle. This takes the cake.


  7. Sad to say Sadia dead and buried ,it was a dreadful way to die , soon from now we will not hear nothing about poor Sadia again and this is St Lucia it just happens every body up and about 2 days down bye bye , our system is a disgraceful one and don't look forward to seeing a change in a billion years .


    • And one jackass minister is against it really wish something like that would happen to his daughter to really feel the pain of loosing a love one.


      • Maybe the person accused should have been your son then you would know too how it feels. This same feeling has translated to violence where people take out revenge against one another in the streets. The state cannot be seen as revengeful either because revenge and violence will also be taken against the State. We must acknowledge as logical people that violence cannot end violence. You cannot solve a crime by committing a crime and the killing of any human being is a crime against humanity. We must come to terms with this in our modern society or else we will revert into the brutish ancient times of "an eye for an eye." We are now armed with more knowledge and we know that the killing of another may have several dimensions, motives and suspects. Convicts may also hold the key to answers in the way we could tackle crime in the future


        • Really... That must be your son..if it was your daughter you would be singing a different song...because the crime is not on your door step you talking about the state should not kill..humanity? Get a grip on reality


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