Russian Embassy meets Caribbean Investment Services to discuss air charter

Russian Embassy meets Caribbean Investment Services to discuss air charter

PRESS RELEASE – His Excellency Ambassador Vladimir Polenov and Head of Consular Department, Andrei Dryakin of the Russian Embassy in Jamaica met with associates of Caribbean Investment Services (CIS) on Thursday 6th November 2014 at 4.30 pm at Rex Hotel in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia.

CIS is a Barbados based company, which provides Consultancy, Management, Concierge and other support services to high net-worth investors from Russia and other Eastern European markets, who have interest the Caribbean for holiday, business, investment or economic citizenship purposes.

The company is headed by Charles Lewis and has a regional network of professionals with expertise in tourism, financial services, investment, real estate and other sectors.

The St. Lucia based CIS associates who attended the meeting were David Jordan and Carlyle Octave.

Among the topics of discussion during the meeting was the proposed Moscow/Barbados/St Lucia air charter project which Caribbean Investment Services has been commissioned to research and develop.


The flight will originate Moscow and fly non-stop to Barbados where it will remain on the ground for approximately 30 minutes before continuing on to St. Lucia.


We estimate the size of the markets for this charter is in excess of 300 millions travel consumers, which consist of:-

Travel consumers from Russia and other Eastern Europe countries who want to visit Barbados, St. Lucia and other Caribbean destination

Travel consumers from Barbados, St. Lucia and other Caribbean countries who want to visit Russia and other Eastern Europe destinations.


In the past 5-10 years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of travellers from Eastern Europe to the Caribbean.

As a result, there are several direct charter flights which operate successfully between Eastern Europe and Caribbean islands such as Jamaica and Dominican Republic.

Though Barbados and St Lucia do not yet have a direct charter program from Eastern Europe, they too have experienced a significant increase in travellers from these markets, in spite of the inconvenience of the overnight stopover in London or long transit stops in other hubs.

When using existing commercial carriers to visit Barbados/St Lucia and neighboring islands, travel consumers from these target markets suffer the inconvenience of transiting hubs in London, Frankfurt, New York and Paris. In some cases, an overnight stay is required.

An alternative direct flight to Barbados/St Lucia would offer travellers a more comfortable journey in much less time, at competitive rates.

This weekly charter will offer First Class, Premium Economy and Economy seating and service.

In a meeting back in October 2014 at the Hilton Hotel in Barbados, Ambassador Nikolay Smirnov of the Russian Embassy in Guyana also met with CIS Director Charles Lewis to discuss this air charter project and pledged his full support.

Both ambassadors and now firmly backing this air charter project as it falls directly in line with their mandate and commitment to boost economic activity between Russia and the Caribbean.

The air charter project is very timely and offers the Caribbean a much needed tourism boost.

For more information on this air charter project, CIS can be reached via Skype @ CaribbeanInvestment or email at [email protected]



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  1. Lets stick to the post not make it a LIAT bashing area. This venture with Russia will benefit the Caribbean. Eastern Europe will be opened directly.


  2. Yes LIAT is the name not too sure about the airline part cause that operation is pure crap. We need a real airline that can serve the Caribbean and give the passengers their money's worth not the bull shit they receive on a daily basis with no alternative. This is slavery in the 21st century. People travel on LIAT not by choice. 58 years of service and same bull shit. Actually every airline around the world expanding while LIAT is shrinking. I say bring the airline bring the Q400


  3. This project will give Barbados and St. Lucia a much needed boost in tourism and investment from all Eastern European markets. Not only Russia.


  4. Okay.first...noon? There already is an airline that flies the caribbean..Its called LIAT...let your brother do the conversion to ATR.
    Second..Why would US put an embargo on St. Lucia...really?..Russian flights go to the US every day. There is an untapped market here with loads of tourism and business opportunities.
    Thirdly....I know a number of Russians..they are no louder than anyone else in the world.. and if they take over so what...isnt investment what the small island states in the caribbean need??..much like St. Lucia?
    Lastly..why be so negative and not just let the project take its course. lets see if there is benefit before we all start getting stupid about it.


  5. Okay why don't they create an airline q400, start running up and down the island bring the passengers from Barbados to St Lucia as far as Jamaica! We have enough q400 qualified pilots in the Caribbean to full in these slots! Including my brother!


  6. Gasa, bess yol eh go an do nutting wit russia deh ,nex ting de US put embargo on lucia. You see de tension between dem an de US aready eh


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