Rum producers launch responsible drinking initiative

Rum producers launch responsible drinking initiative

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – WIRSPA, representative association for regional rum producers, is launching an initiative to promote responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.

A public statement issued by the grouping strongly condemns alcohol abuse and notes that “as a group of responsible producers of alcoholic products, we have a duty to lend our support to efforts that address these issues and are committed to doing so as an industry and in collaboration with other producers of alcoholic beverages.”

According to Komal Samaroo, Chairman of WIRSPA and of Demerara Distillers Limited, “We believe, and current regulatory advice maintains, that responsible drinking remains a valued and enjoyable part of life in a modern society. Notwithstanding, we cannot ignore the negative impact on our societies caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol.”

The Statement acknowledges the impact of inappropriate consumption, on both individuals and society, of a range of alcoholic beverages.

He added “while we as individual producers are active at the national level in supporting efforts to reduce harmful drinking, as a group we intend to intensify these efforts starting in 2018. In this regard we have established a task force to look at a range of issues including labelling, advertising and promotion, and online marketing, incorporating international best practice. We will also encourage and support actions to reduce driving under the influence of alcohol and drinking by underage and vulnerable persons.”

In its conclusion, the Statement says “We will seek to broaden the involvement of all producers, distributors and retailers of alcohol beverages so as to achieve the fullest impact from these commitments and we will engage stakeholders on these issues to ensure that our engagements are meaningful and credible.”

Margaret Monplaisir, managing director of St. Lucia Distilleries said: “Whilst the main producers in St. Lucia have an active program promoting responsible drinking, we need to ensure all importers and distributors are also on board playing a role and adhering to international best practice in marketing and promotion.”


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