Ruling party unveils election manifesto

By SNO Staff

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2016 Manifesto cover

The ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has unveiled its 2016 election manifesto with Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony promising supporters that his team will help to create a better Saint Lucia.

“The time has come once again when we are called upon to make a decision about the future management and direction of our country,” Dr. Anthony declared.

The SLP is seeking another five-year term when it faces the electorate in the June 6, 2016 general election. Its main challenger is the United Workers Party (UWP), which it defeated in the 2011 general election.

Dr. Anthony said the manifesto with the theme: “Making our country better together” is a realistic document and the promises are practical and rooted in a profound understanding of people, culture and the needs of the country.

The manifesto outlines measures for reducing unemployment, improving the energy sector, stimulating economic growth, and advancing the tourism sector, among other things.

The official manifesto launch was held on Thursday, where Dr. Anthony, SLP Deputy Political Leader, Phillip J. Pierre, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, Dr. James Fletcher and Emma Hippolyte, addressed the business community.


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  1. St.Judes hospital is in da stadium since donkey years now, Kenny promised it within six (6) months n da building a government building in v. fort in stead of da hospital.


  2. Educated Thinker

    We are not fools..

  3. A lot of these promises are just empty words. There is very little or no details about out how the will be executed. One thing that stuck out to me was the promise to lower income tax and corporation tax within six months. Kenny has a budget a few weeks ago. Why did he not include the proposals then. Furthermore the 2016 Budget is based on collecting the original level of tax revenues so when will these new allowance come into affect.

    Does Kenny think we are fools?

  4. Kenny above them all, Pierre in the background and they believe they own Lucia. A true reflection of how they are, ben running the country and intend to run the country.

  5. Whoever is strategizing for the slp tell them to get their own ideas.....EVERYTHING is being copied from the donald trump campaign...I mean EVERYTHING. even the damn slogan was conveniently altered down to even the colours...i mean really?? And you think that is a good thing. I'm disgusted

  6. Pathetic.

  7. Please allow me to speak on behalf of the youth for a moment. I believe that I can state with a level of surety that Kenny Anthony is not viewed favorably by the under 40 electorate. The pomposity with which he runs the country is both abhorrent and intolerable. It baffles me that someone in elected office can simply choose to not provide explanations in the wake of scandal but rather will resort to personal attacks to deflect from the issue at hand. He trashed Ubaldus for a critique about his plan for the economy whilst never once refuting any of the arguments Ubaldus made. Not once did he say why Ubaldus did not make sense but would be sure to tell us that he is a fraud.

    I am simply tired of your method of politics. You must go. You have single handedly ruined your party along with the three stooges PIP, Hilaire and Claudius. There was a time when the SLP consisted of men of more character. Those men are dead or not with the party anymore.

    You guys are a disgrace. I won't be voting for you. I won't allow you to feed a select few families steak and potatoes on the backs of those who eat bread and cheese.

    Lot KOTAY kenny. Run way.

  8. I prefer the polo shirts guys. They look like workers. These look like slaves masters or bosses. To see them on their expensive chairs last night.

  9. Not even Sir john Compton could have come up with all these solutions in a five years plan. This more or less sounds like a vision commission plan and not a Great manifesto. Like George Odlum's description of Kenny's Bikini budget which revealed everything the nation wanted but conceals the most imports aspects. It's like the 100 million dollar bluff which was due immediately after election now we have a six month plan. Slp can be best described as educated prostitutes; win by any means necessary. With all the projects and dreams in the last manifesto of better days and little to show for it after almost five years. We can call them squatters of the public purse offering panhandling courses. With two free unfinished hospitals. People have no reason to delay the calling your bluff. This sounds like a eulogy prepared for the the 2021 election with the dreams of the deceased. The PM really wanted to do all these things but he had to save us from ourselves. Who brought us to our imaginary friend IMF. Who said they would take responsibility for VAT? A failed labour code never amended. Our PM created this present environment (self inflicted wound) and we are now getting excuses for being a failed state. So all they are going to reveal is their sexy bright brains and ideas but the hidden agenda the bikini conceals. These bright ideas have been the cries of the society which fell on deaf ears. So now in a bid to fool St Lucians he is already making promises based on CIP projection as if it was money in the bank . So hold your bluff and bikini just walk pass go and keep all that is in your pocket. We have no Anti Corruption Act so ahead we will to build a real society.

  10. Again, I want the people to understand that: " The IDEA and the REALITY are totally two different scenarios! These manifestos are ideas put on paper. The reality is when it happens.

  11. I'm sorry but I couldn't even get past page 2 and those 15 pledges to the people of St. Lucia...

    With further reading it got even more LOL worthy... "Set out the most ambitious employment strategy ever..." Written in that tone, I feel like I'm reading the paper of a teenager. Drones used for crime prevention (will that before, during or after the crime is taking place?) and CCTV cameras... Then I was waiting for information on the Diabetes Center!!! Nothing. Although it does say "Develop Saint Lucia as an international centre for medical research in diabetes" Is that the same thing or no?

    So I took another approach, and went through the 2011 manifesto. Although they did implement a few things (NICE, STEP) the other initiatives have fallen FLAT and have not been included in this current manifesto. Have they been forgotten?

    Monday cannot come fast enough!

  12. st lucia simply beautiful

    $100.94 Million spent on job creation through

    Can someone explain to me what was involved in NICE and why its implementation costs the country so much ?

  13. Can you imagine they in government and have the advantage to call the elections and kenny struggling to produce a manifesto four days before elections.

    UWP were ahead both with their five to stay alive and manifesto.

    I listened to Kenny and he sounded lack lustre and tired. Didn't seem to be convinced about his own manifesto.

  14. st lucia simply beautiful

    Fellas alone I seeing there eh, maybe Jadia should run for Laborie.

  15. We've heard it all before. We still waiting for the $100 Million from 2011. The Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Not forgetting the Better Days!

  16. Plan Group Member

    "The manifesto outlines measures for reducing unemployment, improving the energy sector, stimulating economic growth, and advancing the tourism sector, among other things."

    Fellow St. Lucians, haven't we read all of the above before in previous Labour Party manifestos?

    Don't take it from me, go back to all their manifestos starting from 1997.

    Steal food just warmed up.

  17. The cover of this Manifesto is just a reflection of the fact that those politicians care about "THEMSELVES" and no one else. Would it have been better to equate the pictures with the "THEME"? Show the elderly, children, education, health, etc......

    Remember "A picture tells a thousand words" and " Perception is greater than reality" !!!

    Very Poor presentation.

    • You have a point there.

      And the red, white and blue theme they trying. Not sure if they want to equate themselves to the mighty USA.

  18. Independent thinker

    Labour making me laugh. Labour in power for five years they did little. Now they making so many empty promises. What a shame

  19. team of nonsense. look at them June 6 will have your'll running for water to drink

  20. RED HELL !!!


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