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Rufus Bousquet: Chastanet “thinking out of the box”

By Samuel Sukhnandan, Staff Journalist

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Rufus Bousquet

Rufus Bousquet

Although there has been some criticism over the configuration of the new cabinet, former minister Rufus Bousquet thinks while it is unusual, the new prime minister may be “thinking out of the box.”

Bousquet said it’s a little too early for anybody to judge the potential outcome of that new configuration.

“All that signals to me is that the new prime minister is thinking out of the box. He has his own ideas in terms of how he is going to do things and we need to give it an opportunity to see how it works out,” he told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Tuesday.

The former Choiseul MP said he was not there when the cabinet was put together and as such he does not know the reason why it was done that way, but he strongly believes that there must be some reasoning behind it.

While some politicians found it strange that Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has taken on the role of Minister with responsibility for External Affairs, Bousquet feels that there is nothing wrong with it.

“While there is some basis for truth in that assessment, nonetheless, there is precedent for prime ministers to be foreign affairs ministers. There is precedent for it. It can work. It’s not impossible for it to work,” Bousquet, a former foreign minister himself said.

He told SNO that in a situation like that however, it would require having trustworthy and competent ambassadors to represent the country at various levels.

According to him, the prime minister don’t usually have to attend meetings unless it’s a meeting being attended by heads of states, noting that a former Antigua and Barbuda prime minister was at one point the foreign affairs minister as well.

Bousquet also commented on the recent election victory of the ruling United Workers Party, stating that it was an overwhelming victory based on the numbers.

“Certainly I think it would have taken a number of people by surprise not least the Labour Party. The margin of victory in certain constituency were quite spectacular. I think it is clear that the people of St Lucia were quite frustrated with what was going on in the former administration,” he told SNO.

The former MP believes everyone should now come together and ensure that there is support for the new government.

“It’s the government of the country. And at the end of the day, we should not be disparaging of those who are not there anymore. People have come in they have served,” he added.

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  1. How can you form a government with this?

  2. Sing for your supper lol

  3. I'm not sure if this is the right time for experimenting with a system that no one is sure will bear fruit. Experiments usually determine if something will work or not, I will await the results with baited breath. There are faint signs that things are turning around and getting better. We St. Lucians like instant gratification and do not take into consideration where the country was 4 - 5 years ago. I do think we should make changes where necessary and not do wholesale changes where we need to start all over.
    The writer of this article indicated that we need to give the PM some time to see if his new configuration works. This is not the time for testing a hypothesis...there is a lot at stake for the future of our country and it's people...There are numerous examples for what works to make our country prosperous. I hope we do not use our people as lab rats for trials in an environment void of any semblance of prosperity for the country. Failed experiment will not hurt the scientist as much as the subjects of his experiments.

  4. If you play with pigs you end up with mud all over you.
    UWP - stay away from Bousquet.

  5. It took you by surprise too Rufus. You wanted to sabotage Bradley by running independent and you shouted from the rooftops that he could never win the Choiseul seat but he proved you wrong. You're history but you're still looking for a fatter cheque. Bye Rufus move on. Stay away from the party and choiseul. Like you said a tail can't wag without the dog.

  6. What box? Chastenet has no vision every move that he makes now will be out of desperation... he made to many promises that he knows he can't fulfill.

  7. This is apparent transformation from what seemed like a chronic anti-Chastanet position to the present "government of the people"rhetoric is interesting. It shows an unusual degree of level-headedness. I am hoping it is not just a poor man now singing for his supper. However his take on allocation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and government's policy of clustering of resources is good. I remember at one time Sir John was both Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. He did well. The Labour Party's honchos, who were receiving encouragement from misguided pollsters and predictors of elections, were the only people who failed to see the party was heading towards failure and a massive defeat at the impending polls!

  8. I suppose now you looking for something Bousquet.

  9. sing your song rufus smh

  10. U really want a job bousquet, now you singing a different song.

  11. What exactly are you thinking about Bousquet? You are a bad egg so don't pop up now and try anything to make you look good. You must be looking for a position.ell there isn't any for you. Form your own party.

    • Matthew Alexander

      Just wait and you will see. Once the promisses made to him before the General Elections are not delivered, he will start attacking the UWP members again. He only stopped attacking the UWP when he and a few other disgruntled ones had an agreement with Chastanet before the elections.

  12. Next UN Ambassador!!!

  13. What's the ROW FUSS Mr. Bousquet ur tongue scratching u aa aa man staying ur section an stop talking

  14. Rufas has raised a few salient points there. He seems to be supporting his party and government. The position of a foreign minister have always been given to an elected member of the cabinet. A skilled one for that matter. Why is the new PM assuming this role? Is it because he has plans to travel extensively? The only reason why I am contending that he is aking up that post is because he would like to travel the world at every available opportunity. He proved that in his last post as minister of tourism. He was a big spender who travelled throughout and achieved nothing. I have not come across any head of government whose portfolio includes the department of foreign and external affairs. This is very much an opportunistic move on the part of this globe-trotting PM. He should offer the position to someone else and concentrate of running his government whose ministers are charged with running the day to day affairs of this country. How about Sarah for MOFA?

    The PM should only travel to important heads of state conferences. He should not be getting away with traveling to useless meetings. The cost of travelling will be expensive since he will not be seated in economy class. His hotels in the countries where he is travelling to will have to be paid from the public purse plus that of his huge entourage. St Lucia simply cannot afford to pay for all this. If the PM continues in this vein he will end up bankrupting the country. The man is barely settled in office and he is already on a 5 day trip to America. What is this trip for? How much is it costing the state? I would like to know. By his own father's admission we're told that this man is incapable of running a business. Why on earth have St Lucians entrusted this opportunist to run the country?

    Most of the major countries of the western world are putting measures in place to cut down on expenses and St Lucia need to do the same in order to survive the recession and tough economic times that lay ahead. We need the government to lead by example. They need to cut down on waste. They need to put the interests of the people who elected them into power first and foremost. The Prime Minister needs to set the example. St Lucia is a country and not a private enterprise where he can do as he pleases. He is a politician and should put the collecive interests of our people above his own vested interests. I hope he is able to do just that. St Lucia first before his corporate affairs.

    • Jade Brownskin girl

      Because Alva baptiste was such a great foreign affairs minister...with all his gorrilla tactics and all the foreign investment he brought in....not to mention having a dedicated ambassador to a freaking trade agreement! Yes Sir! Alva put in an ambassador to Petro-Caribe! Brilliance! An embassador to a trade agreement is just what we needed to....ummmm....not even sign the thing!

    • so are you suggesting that when another MP is external affairs minister, that magically the bills will be lower?? YOU MAKE NO SENSE. IF WE DONT WANT TO SPEND ON TRAVELLING FOR EXTERNAL MINISTER THEN REMOVE THE MINISTRY. OTHERWISE LET THE MINISTER DO HIS JOB, whether is this one or that one.


      Brexit my boy will tell us more,

      kenny knew what was coming let another take the red-hot seat.
      BREXIT IN U ALL ......

    • U sound like such a party hack. If he don't travel as MOFA someone self has to travel. So What's your point? what you trying to say exactly....if someone else did they'd stay at motel 6 and travel economy? Since when Airlines charge extra for PM titles? Choopz. Wasnt he elected by the ppl for the ppl? So he has every right to hold the post. BTW alot of business conducted by the MOFA has to be vetted and agreed by the PM and in best cases he should be the one to make these decisions after being briefed by competent ambassadors as rightfully stated by Rufus. No longer should persons receive this ambassador post as a job for the boys or girls sake. So on the contrary to ur misguided comments this move can save cost.

      You say he took the post to travel the world? So he wasn't able to when he was just a private citizen running his own hotel and being the heir to his father's fortune? I'm saying this not to toot his horn but to make u see how silly ur comment was.

      The man has not even been PM for 5 mins and u are saying if he continues he will bankrupt the country? Did u remind the former admin we were in a recession when they implemented 15 % vat plus their elaborate campaign not to mention all the bad policies n deals they made. BTW were u not born yet when Compton was PM and MOFA or you are suffering from slp sydrome party hack amnesia. Choopz tun

      Ur comments was riddled with ridiculous assumptions.

    • In total agreement.

      Lets see if he will set the example by travelling Economy Class, not booking 6* hotel accommodation, Piton instead of Crystal Champagne, normal taxis rather than chauffer driven limos....

      I guess whatever expenses covered by our taxes means they will be disclosed to the public through via the Freedom of Information.

      Its not surprising that your comments are so true and valid but yet it receives so many dislikes. Why are we stuck in the old days of our parents Party Politics mentality.

      Country FIRST then Party.

  15. Wasn't he the one who said "How can you form a government with this?" Now you saying the PM thinking out of the box. wow! Does he want a job!?

  16. Quick quack


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