RUBiS committed to Jamaican Growth agenda through Infrastructural investments

RUBiS committed to Jamaican Growth agenda through Infrastructural investments
RUBiS’ CEO, Alain Carreau.
RUBiS’ CEO, Alain Carreau

(PRESS RELEASE) – RUBiS committed to Jamaican Growth agenda through Infrastructural investmentsRUBiS committed to Jamaican Growth agenda through Infrastructural investments KINGSTON, Jamaica: — RUBiS Energy Jamaica is making a big investment locally with their infrastructural upgrade programme, which is 100 percent planned, overseen and executed by local engineers and contractors.

The petroleum marketing and bulk distribution company is fully supportive and is contributing to Jamaica’s financial growth agenda, which is overseen by the Economic Growth Committee (EGC), through tangible investments.

RUBiS recently reopened the fuel forecourt at its latest upgraded facility, RUBiS Old Hope Road following six months of wide-ranging improvements.

The service station located at, 94 Old Hope Road, Kingston, underwent extensive engineering works including construction of a new service station building, installation of a new canopy, fuel tanks and smart fuel pump control systems.

The Old Hope Road station upgrade was overseen by a team of Jamaican engineers and contractors as RUBiS has made it their mandate to utilise local labour, materials and professionals in their service station upgrade projects. Only materials that are not available locally were sourced overseas.

In the last two years, in addition to refreshing and rebranding all the service stations within the RUBiS network, the team of Jamaican based engineers and contractors have completed major upgrades at, RUBiS Windward Road, Old Harbour, Bridge house (Spanish Town) and St. Ann’s Bay.

RUBiS’ CEO, Alain Carreau had high praises for the efficiency shown by the contractors and engineers and is pleased with the final result of each of the upgraded facilities thus far as they meet the international standards in safety and proficiency.

“I am extremely pleased with the quality of work done by our local contractors. RUBiS Energy continues to invest in Jamaica not only from a fuel supply and trading standpoint but also in using local labour for projects such as this, which is a mandate of ours. We believe in our local contractors, engineers and skilled labourers and the investment is not only in improving our service stations but also directly investing in the careers and lives of Jamaicans. Only equipment which are not available locally did we source overseas, apart from that, this was a 100 percent Jamaican effort. The station meets and surpasses all international safety and operating standards, it is well lit and spacious and will provide additional employment opportunities for Jamaicans,” said Carreau.

The RUBiS Old Hope Road service station upgrade is part of the Petroleum Marketing and Bulk Distribution Company’s infrastructural upgrade project which will see further service station upgrades across the island.

In addition to the infrastructural upgrades to the fuel tanks and pumps, each retrofitted RUBiS location boasts upgraded convenience stores, which provide a one stop shop by offering customers a variety of products and services including attractive food service options.

RUBiS has also partnered with Wisynco Foods to open a Domino’s Pizza Theatre restaurant at its  Red Hills Road Service Station, which was launched in November last year.


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  1. Infrastructural developments A.K.A Jobs. This is the way it should be. Big business come to your country make them commit to giving back. Ritz Carlton and others coming make them commit to a tourist enhancement fund A.K.A another name for Infrastructural development. ( JOBS) Develop the community in which they will reside. Wider roads, sewer upgrade, beautification of the said roads using local people, it's to there benefit as well. Make them purchase a percentage of goods from local farmers, Spin off the trickle down effect, a pay check people have money in their pocket to spend in the local economy. For lower taxes make them commit by contact to adopt a school in the community or contribute to the nearest hospital it's a win ,win for everybody. Do you think the prime minister thinks about poor people when he negotiating his deals ? Hell no !


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