RSLPF extends condolences to officer on tragic passing of his mother

RSLPF extends condolences to officer on tragic passing of his mother



PRESS RELEASE – The Royal St. Lucia Police Force is taking this opportunity to express deep regret and condolences to Police Constable 779 Bryan Fraser and family on the tragic passing of his mother, 59 year old Samdai Fraser, who resided at Cedar Heights, Vieux Fort.

On Monday, July 20, 2015, about 4:30 p.m. Officers attached to the Vieux Fort Police Station responded to a call at a Cedar Heights residence where they discovered the body of   Mrs. Fraser.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force deems it fitting to rally with Officer Fraser of the Traffic Department in Castries and provide him with much needed encouragement at this very difficult time.


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  1. It is sad, my heart is troubled. Mrs. Frazier did not die at the hands of thieves. I don't believe that. I think the police investigators should be looking closer to home. Why, do i say that? There are things that i know from my conversations with Mrs. Frazier that i can't say on here and because of fear i can't go to the police either.

    The person who did this to you Mrs. Frazier will never have peace. You knew your killer very well. Anyway i think i have said enough.


    • Clearly you have not said enough you need to say some more or else it will just sound like speculation.


  2. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.Losing a love one is never easy especially in such a tragic manner. Trust in god for he alone can truly understand


  3. May the Almighty gives you and the family strength to cop with your moms passing,may her perfect soul Rip, AMEN


  4. My condolences to you and your family, may the lord gives you and your family the strength to cope with her passing, be strong I know how it feels to lost a mom,,may her soul RIP, AMEN,


  5. brian, my sincere sympathies to u and ur family for the tragic loss of ur mom. very sweet lady and very friendly may god grant u the strength to deal with this tragedy. though it is not easy, we will agree that she died in the lord. if u believe the in the final hoe bro, u will see ur mom someday again. be of good courage and trust in the lord brian. he is good. will never give u more than you can bear. be strong bro. will come to see u sometime. this is mr james.


  6. The police needs to look at this very closely, I recalled threats were being made to police officers.


  7. Condolences to you and your family Officer. This is so tragic and sad. May your dear Mother Rest in Peace.


  8. Sympathy greetings to u brian. The almighty father is ur protector rite now. Hold on strong Brian n family. I was in shock when I heatd it was ur mom. My prayers to u the family


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