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St. Lucia News OnlineJuly 4, 202214033 min
Members of the CARICOM Reparations Commission (CRC) at a March 28-29 Meeting in Barbados. (PHOTO COURTESY: CARICOM Secretariat Communications Unit)

The Royal Visits to Saint Lucia and other Caribbean islands by representatives of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II have unexpectedly boosted the Caribbean region’s demands for Reparations from Europe for Slavery and Native Genocide. Demands for reparation were among items discussed by CARICOM Reparation Commission (CRC) when it met in Barbados on March 28-29.

The now controversial “Charm Offensive” aimed at celebrating the queen’s 70th year on the throne was meant to encourage Caribbean citizens to honor the Queen of the British Commonwealth, who still reigns over the former British West Indian colonies as Head of State.

But where the visits to Saint Lucia and other former British colonies by the members of the Royal household were meant to shore-up support for the monarchy, it’s turned out to be a near-catastrophic tour, following Prince Charles’ visit to Barbados last November for the island’s transition to a Republican state.

Chairman of the Saint Lucia National Reparations Committee (NRC), Earl Bousquet, told Saint Lucia News Online: “The responses (to the visits) thus far have reminded the royals that Caribbean citizens no longer sing ‘God Save The Queen’ and the Queen was not ‘Born to reign over us’ forever, like we were taught during centuries of colonial miseducation.”
The NRC Chair said the Royal Visits “have put the Caribbean’s Reparations Demand on the Royal agenda in a way never planned…”

He said the CRC had decided to “leave it to National Committees in the nations to be visited, to decide how best to welcome the Royals…”
Bousquet noted that the Barbados meeting had been planned before the Royal Visits began “and while they were not an original agenda item, they had to be added…”

He said, “The overall responses to the three Royal Caribbean Visits so far have underlined the advances made across the region in people’s understanding and support for the CARICOM call for Reparations.”
Bousquet concluded, however, that “After the current visits will have ended, Royal Visits to the Caribbean will never be the same again.”

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