NLA-NYC Debating Competition starts this weekend

NLA-NYC Debating Competition starts this weekend
Ms. Amanie Mathurin one of the debaters
Ms. Amanie Mathurin one of the debaters

After over seven years of latency in the call for its return, the National Youth Council in collaboration with the National Lotteries Authority and the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports is elated to announce the first round of debates among District Youth Councils in St. Lucia.

Debating the relevant issues around national policy and issues emanating from civilian concern, is an aspect of youth development necessary for producing conscious leaders and citizens and is one of the many shared positions between the NYC and NLA.

Topic areas to be addressed are, ‘the Anti-gang legislation and youth violence’, ‘teenagers and access to contraceptives as a tool against STIs and teenage pregnancy’, ‘the decriminalisation of marijuana’, and ‘international relations for St. Lucia’s development’.

The first round kicks off with eight simultaneous debates this Saturday, September 14, 2013 according to the following fixtures:

It is expected that out of such debates, the NYC will articulate the presented positions appropriately as part of its mandate to ‘afford the government and people of St. Lucia the benefit of knowing the views of youth on issues of national importance.’ There will also be highly attractive rewards to the winners as an incentive to participants.

The National Lotteries Authority, being the main sponsor of this initiative, declares its renewed commitment to utilising its resources for the holistic benefit of youth and toward the enhanced capacity of local Youth and Sports organisations.

The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports adds its support to this environment of growth within the youth sector, as the demand for positive youth participation and inclusion, in the development of St. Lucia continues to increase.

Members of the public are invited to attend and support the activities in their areas as there will also be a segment for public opinions to be shared on the topics.


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