Roserie calls for quality representation for Micoud North

Roserie calls for quality representation for Micoud North
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PRESS RELEASE – Supporters of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) came out in force at the Micoud Playing Field on Sunday to celebrate the launch of Herbert Roserie as the candidate for Micoud North.

The excited crowd was vocal in its endorsement of the former policeman and pillar of the community, and the St Lucia Labour Party ahead of the 6 June election.

Addressing the sea of red supporters, Roserie emphasized that he is dedicated to ensuring quality representation for Micoud North – representation that has been sadly lacking under the UWP and Gale Rigobert. As a community man, Roserie has a genuine commitment to and understanding of the issues that matter to the people of Micoud North. He said,

“I have succeeded with the limited resources at my disposal, I believe and I am confident that I can have a greater positive impact on the lives of the people of Micoud North when I will have greater resources at my disposal, working as a team member in a government of the St. Lucia Labour Party.  My promise to you, my people, is to provide dedicated, quality representation as your elected representative, such as you have never had before. I wish to invite you therefore to join with me in bringing the Micoud North seat to the SLP, where there will be representation for all, not for some, and where, guided by a New Vision, we can achieve Progress and Stability.  En Rouge!”

Roserie highlighted four key areas where he is committed to making a difference for his constituents: employment, agricultural development, tourism and opportunities in education and skills development to help people find gainful employment and to start small businesses of their own. He praised the Prime Minister’s wisdom and vision in pledging to establish of a Tertiary Education Trust Fund to facilitate tertiary education for those who are willing and ambitious enough to pursue education at that level.  This investment in the youth of St Lucia, in the development of our nation’s most valuable human resource, is an investment in a secure future.

The Prime Minister’s announcement about the Tertiary Education Fund, was just one of the SLP’s top 15 pledges to the people of St Lucia launched last week on the Castries Market Steps.

SLP photo
SLP photo

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  1. u persons are hilarious sometimes and the worse part of it all.. it is sometimes these very some persons who come out first for the perks of the present government. ..the laptops, bursaries.. new schools ..funding ..etc.. when u did not raise ur house in a way fitting to lead by example or to do the necessary for the future of your children.. the ignorance is at its highest level. ul listen to all the he say she say instead of obtaining the facts on ul own. Watever is created within the next 5 yrs , i pray some of you dont benefit from none, and for those who have benefitted, leave the jobs , return the laptops and bursaries .. it has done to better anything in your daily living.. #SMFH


  2. Mr. Roserie, at this time , the whole nation is aware that your party puts little faith in you and is whispering to your supporters that the vote may have a lot more value if given to Jeanine Compton. So kindly refrain from taking valuable media time , no one (not even your party) takes you seriously.


  3. Quality representation Roseire?
    Try talking quality representation to constituents of pastries south and anse la raye and they will tell you all about Robert Lewis and Pep.
    Two MP's who enjoyed 5 years of salary and now run awAy.
    Pep in his own admission said he was a poor representative.


  4. Most illiterate ppl resides in those type of areas,they cannot read to comprehend nor listen to understand,what,s with the 15 promises yet previous one yet to fulfill,100 million injection,if it sounds to good it's not true...we demand simplest things,like reconstructing st.jude which is also the closer health facility to micoud...roserie this is where yourll continue to fail,u cannot fulfill what's in the pipeline but u clogging it with the foolish promises u infiltrating into the gullible minds,YO LA KO BETH......poor jab,all they see is red while the entire mindful and common sense ppl see we need CHANGE.


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