Roseau man shot in the head, friend thought victim was passed out drunk

Roseau man shot in the head, friend thought victim was passed out drunk
From left: The victim's friend Peter Chiquot, mother 'Maggie' Williams, and sister. * Video stills from DBS
From left: The victim’s friend Peter Chiquot, mother ‘Maggie’ Williams, and sister. * Video stills from DBS

The friend of a man who was shot in the head in Roseau over the weekend has attracted a flurry of criticism on social media for his inaction after he told a reporter in an interview that he saw the victim on the road “shifting” but thought the individual was drunk.

Peter Chiquot told DBS television reporter Alex Bousquet that he saw Kelvin Williams, alias Hung, lying on the side of the road, but thought nothing serious of it, so he left.

However, it later turned out that Williams, believed to be in his mid 20s or early 30s, was shot in the head. He is currently in critical condition at hospital.

Chiquot’s response to the scene, particularly with someone he described as his “partner”, has left social media users shocked and seemingly upset.

This is what Chiquot said: “Well honestly, I don’t know what exactly transpired. I was lying on my big chair there, waiting for a customer to come for their tyres, and my television was on, the volume was on there. So when it was minutes to seven, something to seven, close to seven o’clock, I decided well let me close up, ‘them fellows won’t come again’. So whilst I roll the tyre into the shop there, on coming out, I saw somebody lying down on the road side you know. So I say who is that person lying there, so I went to the gap, just to have a glance. So the person lying down and the person shifting, so I say mate must be drunk so I went back, close my shop then I left, I went up the road. I board a bus, it went through Coolie Town. So when I was coming back, I say that man still lying down there?

Chiquot continued: “I saw a next little partner of mine park his vehicle by him, so apparently I have the man number so I call the man and I ask him, ‘what happen to that man there gasa?’ Then he telling me the man there bleeding. So I ask him if he call the ambulance already. Then he told me yes he call ambulance. So I said well ok that’s okay and I went about my business. I went home showered and I went down to Roseau by the domino. Them people telling me is a man they shot there…. A man that not doing nobody anything. And I like the boy because is my partner.… I like the man you check it.”

These are some of the unedited responses via Facebook to Chiquot’s account.

Mercy Emmanuel: “Is at moments like dat u knowing who’s yr friend.”

Fernella Timothee: “The man is your partner you assume he drunk and just leave him on the side of the road.”

Shanita Mangal: “OMG people will see you dying on the road and they would just look at you and go about their business and then when you dead, they will say, oh you were my good friend . confused much…???”

Deborah Moise: “Didn’t see blood????wow you must be blind.”

Aquila Chiquot: “Smh we like to assume thinks too much moreover you said he’s your friend.. What kind of friendship did you have with him?? Poor guy speedy recovery.”

Melissa Carte Blanche Jeremie: “Omg.. u mean u see the guy and he’s your partner and you go home, shower and go play dominoes.. you are a sorry excuse for a friend. . Sac salop.. u never know if you could have saved the guy life cause u say u saw the guy shifting .. damn shame!!!!”

Kelvin Williams was found along the side of the road. * DBS video-still image

Meanwhile, the victim’s mother ‘Maggie’ Williams spoke to DBS in creole which was translated to English by SNO staff: ”He is not speaking, he is not opening his eyes. He is under the machine. He hasn’t woken up. … Monday, the doctor said the bullet went in through the front and pierced through to the back. All that is inside of his head is broken.”

She also told HTS: “No one had the right to shoot him. This boy had no problem with anyone. He is a good child. All he does is now and then drink his little rum and go and play football. The police is not even doing their job. They haven’t even come and see where he is living to come and ask what is or is not going on. Still haven’t seen any sign of police.”

The blood stains on the side of the road indicate where Kelvin Williams was found. * DBS video-still image

The victim’s sister Dena Williams said: “He was a good person, he like to work hard. Anything you ask him to do, he doing it. He used to do his little garden by himself. He like to weed garden for people. Carry load for people. He wasn’t looking nobody trouble. I doh know why they do that to my brother. I had love my brother a lot. We was close friend. I see him in the hospital there. I cannot, in how many days I not yet eat.”

A Roseau resident told HTS that the shooting victim was not a troublemaker.

“The man was down Roseau earlier on, because he pass, he bought a cigarette and he went down Roseau and I heard that he was dancing, he was drunk and then he came up the road to go at his home. He is a very nice person, he is a kind of autistic. Doh look for trouble with nobody. He just all about his business. He not a trouble, a person that looking for trouble with people. I doh know him to be so.”


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    • For those of you who are commenting, you would do the same, I didn't get very close to the person, after leaving work I went on vibe and if you listen to what I said on the news you all will get to your senses.


      • Christians by name but not by nurture, what is missing is the action of good Samaritans. I forgive Peter for not paying mind to Paul. But just imagine how much the psyche of St Lucia will improve when people care.


      • i know what you are saying peter cause alot of these people unless they were in your shoes they will never know how it feels. i mean after all its not like you didnt know the guy cause if you didnt know him you would have gotten a closer look to see who it was and i believe more enough reason you didnt go to close to him is cause you were accustomed of seeing him always drunk so in you mind if he always drunk what would be the difference of that night. it was not your fault cause if the guy maybe didnt have a habit of getting drunk then the outcome would have been different.


  1. A Damn puzzle am confused,what type of friend is that,he wasn't the guy friend.....He shoot him,I don't care,that story have holes...You kept not doing any thing,as a friend and how come you nevrr saw blood,because you wanted to make sure he was dead.....And the boy Autistic,you know damn well he have a speaking deficiency that's why you shoot him......You came in contact with him 2-3 times and did nothing.....Sickening....


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