‘Roots man’ in Jamaica claims to have cure for HIV/AIDS

‘Roots man’ in Jamaica claims to have cure for HIV/AIDS
Blake is adamant that at least two persons who were living with HIV/AIDS were cured after drinking his mixture.
Blake is adamant that at least two persons who were living with HIV/AIDS were cured after drinking his mixture.

(JAMAICA STAR) — A self-proclaimed herbal doctor is claiming to have cured persons living with HIV/AIDS with one of his roots drinks, which has a street price of US$1,000 per quart.

According to ‘Dr’ Upton Eric Blake, the product, the name of which changes whenever a new ingredient is added, has so far cured at least two persons who had the deadly virus.

“I went to Ocho Rios and two white man came up to me and told me that they watched one of their friends in the craft market deteriorate from AIDS for a while and after I gave him a small bottle of the herb, he was cured. The man is alive and well now. Even close to where I live, I heard a brethren telling his friend that he stole a bottle of the roots and drank it because he had AIDS and now he is very healthy and does not have the virus anymore. There are people who will not believe because I didn’t go to some prestigious university and study medicine but everything that I am saying is true,” he said.

Blake’s chart shows the various illnesses and disorders that he says his roots drinks can cure.

Blake’s walk-in ‘office’, called Rasta Patoral Guard Services, is located at the border of Old Harbour and Clarendon.

The herbal drink, which is broken down into three flavours, can, he claims, rapidly cure more than 50 illnesses and health disorders. He said that sweet flavour variety of the drink is also suitable for babies.

“A tip on the tongue at birth will protect and guard that baby from evil spirits and falling angels for all his/her life. We are what we eat and believe it or not, a lot of the food that we eat have evil spirits travelling with them and when we eat these foods, spirits can enter the body and take up residence there. This is the foundation of our destruction today and one of the major reasons why the crime rate is so high,” he said.


The main ingredients in the roots drink include lignum vitae, medina, slippery elm, noni, guinea hen weed and a host of other bushes.

He readily admits that the price is steep, and states that he sells smaller portions for as little as J$5,000.

Upton Eric Blake shows off his various drinks.

“A quart can serve for a lifetime for an entire household because one does not have to take a lot of it to see results. Simple as it may sound, this product will be worth millions of dollars in the very near future when the world realises how effective it is. I have sold as well as given away a lot of this product,” he said.

Blake said he was taught how to make and preserve the roots drink while he was at a conference in Ethiopia in 2002.

Pointing to a burnt spot on the floor, Blake said his business has even been attacked by arsonists.

“From I have been doing this business, persons steal millions of dollars worth of stuff from me. They even go as far as to catch the place afire more than once. I really don’t know why persons would want to do this. They steal the products and then light the place but that doesn’t prevent me from doing what I am doing,” he said.


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