Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson to judge 58th Annual Grammy Awards

Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson to judge 58th Annual Grammy Awards
Ronald 'Boo' Hinkson performed at the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2013.
Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson performed at the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2013.

Renowned Saint Lucian musician, Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson, is making headway in the international entertainment industry by becoming the first Saint Lucian with voting rights at the Annual Grammy Awards.

Hinkson was recently selected as a judge for music’s biggest award show – the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, which he views not only as a great achievement for himself, but for all Saint Lucian musicians.

The professional guitarist said his achievement gives local musicians a greater profile internationally, noting that he is in the process of trying to get another Saint Lucian on board.

“I anxiously look forward to the day when I can vote a young St. Lucian as nominee and know that a young St. Lucian receives Grammy. I am really look forward to that day,” he said.

In 2013, Hinkson was considered for a Grammy award when he released his album, “This is my Life.”

‘We have to continue to work assiduously at proving what we are doing and be competitive with the rest of the world. And once we get there, I don’t doubt that it will happen to one of us eventually and I hope it is one of the young St. Lucians,” he added.

Born in St. Lucia and raised on a diet of Ellington, Davis, and Coltrane, Boo’s name is synonymous with St. Lucian music. His mother, who was also an accomplished guitarist, was his first teacher.

His musical career began with the Tru-Tones, a group he started in St Lucia, who commanded stages locally and internationally for two decades. Today, he is an exceptionally accomplished musician who has stayed true not only to his Jazz roots, but also to his West Indian culture.

Hinkson couples his appreciation of the old masters, with Contemporary Jazz, and Soca in his music and lyrics; and as a result his popularity has continued to spread.

He has a performance track record that includes international stages from the Caribbean, to the U.S. and Europe.


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  1. Very good, congratulations to you.
    St Lucians don't appreciate their own, but only hide behind their political colours.
    This achievement is not for st Lucia, they don't care about you, this is for you and your family and where you have reached.

    Next thing I suggest, at the Grammies when they ask you your nationality say you a a citizen of the world, with African roots, don't give st Lucia any props, they won't give you anything but will surely try to destroy you, live in the country yes, but stay far away from them.
    Live your music, keep going and keep growing.


  2. Congratulations, Boo, on your career milestone achievement and you looking forward to the day when you will vote on a young St Lucian nominee. Keep an eye on 15 year old Lee Jean from Mon Repos currently on of 24 in the final American Idol season – talented young man!


  3. I would like persons to get a copy of a track called ' the leaders. Listen to the words. Think about st. Lucia.


  4. That's my boy BOO. I always knew that one day you will take us st.lucians up to the top of that mountain call the music industry.
    Now I hope st.Lucians will start giving you the respect that you have earned.
    Once again congratulations.


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