Romanus Sandiford $10,000 richer thanks to Super J IGA and Ti Js

Romanus Sandiford $10,000 richer thanks to Super J IGA and Ti Js
Romanus Sandiford, October grand prize winner in Big Bag of Joy Promotion.
Romanus Sandiford, October grand prize winner in Big Bag of Joy Promotion.

“I want CASH, CASH, CASH” was Mr. Romanus Sandiford’s response when he was told to choose whatever would make him happy from Super J IGA and Ti Js Christmas wish list.

The Big Bag of Joy promotion started in October with very attractive prizes ranging from Mortgage Deposits, Car Deposits, Living Expenses Paid for a Year to Furniture from Courts, Vacations & Staycations, Wardrobe Makeovers, Cash and much more.

For Sandiford, who is the winner of the grand prize draw for the month of October while all the offers were attractive the cash would make all the difference.

“I shop at the Waterfront every weekend and have never won a promotion. I remember three years ago there was this promotion I couldn’t enter because I didn’t have a Super J Loyalty Card. I immediately signed up for one so that I could take advantage of Super J promotions,” said a jubilant Mr. Sandiford when called about his BIG win.

The Super J IGA and Ti Js Big Bag of Joy Promotion was the first retail Christmas promotion launched this year and is possibly the longest (over three months). Aside from the grand prize draw every week, one customer from each Super J IGA and Ti J’s store has a chance to win 50,000 Loyalty Points. Over 50 customers have been winners to date having spent $100 at the stores.

Sancha Raggie says this promotion is a little different to that of previous years, in that it recognizes the changing economic environment that the company is operating in.

“We’re always looking for ways to reward and excite our valued customers through our promotions and this year with the addition of VAT we have extended the numbers of persons who can win, as an opportunity to give back further to customers. Our customers love chances and choices and with this promotion they get the total package; weekly draws where they stand to win 50,000 Loyalty Points and Grand Prize Draws where the options are limitless. They can take cash for the value of the grand prize, choose one item or a combination of items on the wish list to make the total value,” said CFL Marketing Manager Sancha Raggie.

The Big Bag of Joy Promotion also includes in-store treats and surprises for supermarket customers.

In December, Carnival Queen Janelle Desir (Ms. Super J IGA) and Santa Claus will be visiting all of the locations and spreading the joy with lots of Christmas gifts, with a focus on the children who will be shopping with their parents.

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