Rock thrown into moving vehicle in Marisule

Rock thrown into moving vehicle in Marisule

stoning-hateFive occupants of an SUV escaped injuries when a rock was thrown into their moving vehicle while driving on the highway through Marisule, Gros Islet on Sunday.

The incident occurred around 1:30 a.m., just after the Courts building, as the vehicle was heading towards Castries, one of the occupants, who preferred anonymity, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

“… The rock broke into pieces, hitting everyone in the vehicle. The good thing is we didn’t get hurt, thank God,” the source said.

They were unable to see who threw the rock.

Out of caution, the driver did not stop immediately, fearing that it may be a set up for a robbery.

“We know how the times are, people are wicked… so we drove by Glace to examine the vehicle.”

No major damage was done to the vehicle, but the occupants – three males and two females – were left shocked and puzzled.

The incident was not reported to the police but the passengers felt it was important to inform the public.

“We were not expecting that at all, took us by surprise…. But in case that’s a habit they wanna take, I think you should put a warning out there for motorists coming from the north because that may be their means of getting person’s to stop and attack and rob them,” said the source.


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  1. HAHAHA, The King, 71 Thumbs down and counting... HAHAHA....LOL LOL...Lucians say they trying to make it reach 100 before it gets to the bottom of the page.

    But I got a good early morning laugh out of it,'s all good !!


  2. I guess they have nothing better to do. hope they get caught soon and have them clean the city with their bare hands.


  3. It's not a stranger incident at all, some time last year heading to the north near the marisule bus stop I also had a rock thrown at my vehicle, to this date I got the dent on my bonnet to prove. Be very weary of the marisule much things going on to take chances!


  4. Guys Just Stop Ok, One night I personally witnessed two young guys throwing many glass bottles into the road. This was happening for sometime. I reported it but someone had already done so. Not sure if these boys were caught. There is something strange going on in this area.


  5. I witnessed this the Sunday before as well. There were some logs in the road near the Eastwinds Gap, and when a guy in another car got out to shift them, rocks were thrown at him! He had to jump in his vehicle and speed off!


  6. You have caused everyone to shift focus from the incident to address your stupidity. Shame on you!


  7. A weed whacker at 1:30am. Some of us are so quick to respond and don't take the time to read and analyze.


  8. This story sounds sensationalized to me, for all we know it could have been debris from a weed whacker. Let's not make thinks appear grimmer than they are.


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