Robert Lewis quits elective politics

Robert Lewis quits elective politics
Dr. Robert Lewis
Dr. Robert Lewis
Dr. Robert Lewis

Castries South Member of Parliament (MP) Dr. Robert Lewis has confirmed weeks of speculation that he is bowing out of elective politics.

Lewis made this disclosure on Tuesday evening during an appearance on Current Affairs on MBC Television with journalist Clinton Reynolds.

The minister said when he entered politics in 2006 he was questioned about the reason for entering. He said the main objective was to give his service to the field.

Dr. Lewis recalled saying that he would serve at least two terms and then begin to reevaluate. And this has therefore led him to his decision to call it quits.

The education minister said: “I have enjoyed it tremendously,” adding that he served his constituents to the best of his ability.

“I am not running away from politics. I enjoyed political life and I hope that many young people will come out to serve their country,” he remarked.

There is speculation that the Castries South MP is bowing out to allow the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) to replace him with current head of the Citizens Investment Programme (CIP) Ernest Hilaire, who may contest the seat at the next general elections.


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  1. Two terms, paid travel and other incentives, pension; nothing to show for it. We wonder why people get disillusioned with the process. We wonder why our young people are interested in get rich quick schemes, smh. Ah, such is life in our paradise . . .


  2. Lord I pray for Saint Lucia and the leaders of this country. Father God, our leaders need to repent and turn from their wicked ways and take Saint Lucia back from the enemy. My heart cries for this island.... When I see deceit like what Robert Lewis is bringing, a man who was so respected and God fearing, it makes me wonder what next.... Oh Robert.... You have done your constituents a disservice. Then again, Adventist men are the most corrupt I have ever come across!!!


  3. And i ask the question.. what is wrong wit dr lewis quitting elective politics? its the man's choice, people change jobs..because a man goes into politics they must die as a politician? educated people change jobs any time..british prime minister david camron has announce he's quitting altogether after this term, not even a year in to a new five year term. Whats wrong wit that? its his choice and he's younger than dr lewis..that doesn't mean his party's going to loose..n


  4. If Ernest Hilaire is the best alternative that the government can offer to the good people of Castries then good luck with that. They shall need it. 2016 shall have new meaning this year: 1 for red and 16 for the other party.


    • Man, you just nailed it!!!!
      I was rolling all over the floor. You be careful man. Seriously, you will give some of us a catastrophic heart attack.


      • The pundits have it at 17-0. The the odds are not in favour of the non-patriotic SLP's new re-enslavement. We are going to need REPARATIONS too, from that tribal SAUDI.


  5. Guava Jelly he did do 2 terms and gets a pension

    But Robert knew that all along. Just playing with his constituents minds. Playing the Hilaire game. When he was coming in he was upfront and begged constituents for votes. Now he is moving on dont give a damn just move on with his acquired wealth leaving his constituents with their mouths gaping wide. Yes its about d party. He moves on to even better things.


  6. Paid to come in, established your pension, paid to leave. You must count your blessing. Confess your sins especially your political sins on God's people.


  7. I heard Kenny is gonna make u da new principal of sir Arthur Lewis college. Bravo,jobs 4 da boys!!!


  8. I'm sure all those who worked hard to see you elected and was not repaid are breathing a sigh of relief. you didn't pay the pipers and they are not sorry that the disappointment is out for good.


  9. Very arrogant person, go repent and ask god to redirect your path.

    Proverbs 20:17 - Bread of deceit [is] sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel.
    Proverbs 11:3 - The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them.


  10. this man was the worst education minister ever!OMG ! no respect to media or parents.. waste of time. GOODBYE


  11. Lol. Lol. Lol. 'Earnestly' speaking they did try Laborie first but Alva said 'no no no'. SLP can NEVER win with Hillaire anywhere close to elective politics. How is pip feeling seeing all this?


  12. I guess Politics is not a place for good boys aftet all. Especially in the KA administration.


  13. Do you think that the alleged corruption around Dr.Lewis has turned his stomach?
    They say he is an honest god fearing man. Guess he could not even attempt a second term to secure a pension.


  14. Since he has reached the pensionable age of two (2) consecutive parliamentary terms then it is safe to retire from elective politics. Smart move.


    • its time for business companys/hotels to adapt this generous rule and give every employee after 10 years service the last received salary for the rest of his life...
      unfortunately rules like this are only possible by politicians who voting/given them self salary increases.


  15. I think the alleged corruption and lies were too much for you as a christian. Like everyone else you have been tempted and fell as the Min responsible for Labour. It is time to become a christian again, but you have to first confess your wrong doings.


    • Any half decent Christian would not last one week in politics. It's all lies and tiffing. Anyone that stays, you should question their devotion to their faith.


    • So if you can say that about Mr.Lewis Christianity why can't you not say the same about Mr.Guy Myers and Joseph.

      Please the allegations against the two of them.


  16. LIAR!! We know damn well you're out because Hilaire and Kenny bowl a googlie on you. Poor jab, at least they could have sent you to London as High Commissioner. Lambirds mash you up eh Robert. You were a good man and I thought you were a breath of fresh air, a difference. Sadly you became contaminated by your surroundings. Maybe now you can go and repent and cleanse your soul.




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