Robbery up, burglary down in Saint Lucia

Robbery up, burglary down in Saint Lucia


Robbery offences have increased steadily over the past three years, with 2015 recording an increase of 18 percent when compared to 2014, according to recent statistics released by the Police Force.

The 2015 Crime Report revealed that a breakdown and comparison of offences against the person for the period 2014 through 2015, highlights decreases in all areas except attempted murder, attempted suicide and robbery which realised minor increases.

Offences of assaults have also showed constant decreases from 2013 through to 2015.

Meanwhile, burglary continues to be the highest recorded offence within the category of offences against property.

While the police have reported that there was an overall reduction in offences against property; burglary, stealing from person and unlawful damage, recorded the highest number of cases.

However, there were reductions in the number of reports compared to 2014.

Offences against persons, decreased by 7 percent in 2015. This is the highest recorded decrease of 56 percent. Detection rates for this category have been over 50 percent for the past three years.

“There was a decrease of 968 cases or 18 percent from 2014. Detection rates declined steadily of the three year period, however, still averaging fairly well at 34 percent,” the report stated.



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  1. These statistics are based on reported cases. As people get more and more frustrated with the police's inability to capture villains they get less and less interested in reporting crimes against themselves and their property.

    There are too many unreported crimes in St. Lucia for police statistics to have "proper" meaning to the public.

    The police will have to conduct a survey to find out what percentage of crimes actually get reported in St. Lucia and which crimes are less likely to be reported. Statistics is not just an exercise in Arithmetic!!

    Until then we the public will assume that all crimes are on the rise.


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