“Roam Like You’re Home” brings added value to Digicel’s customers roaming in the Caribbean

“Roam Like You’re Home” brings added value to Digicel’s customers roaming in the Caribbean

Postpaid and prepaid customers from the region’s leading telecommunications provider Digicel, will begin benefiting from the best roaming value plan announced to date in the Caribbean.

Tens of thousands of Digicel customers across St. Lucia will automatically become eligible to realize incredible savings benefits under “Roam Like You’re Home.”

Offering truly exceptional value, Digicel customers will now be able to roam with the same kind of extraordinary low rates they currently enjoy at home.

The new ‘Roam Like You’re Home” plan sees Digicel customers being able to call, email, browse the internet and send text messages for great low rates.

Country Manager for Digicel St. Lucia, Holly Hughes-McNamara says, ‘Roam Like You’re Home’, will demystify the perception that roaming is exorbitant and a privilege reserved exclusively for the elite in society.

”This low cost roaming will ensure that all Digicel customers who are off-island, within Digicel countries in the Caribbean (except Guyana), have the ease and comfort of simply picking up their handsets and making a call back home to their friends and family.”

Attracting no activation fee, the ‘Roam Like You’re Home’, reaffirms Digicel’s position as the best value operator in the Caribbean.

“With no opt-in codes, no sign-up, the Extraordinary network is changing customer perceptions and behaviors towards roaming.  Armed with (a renewed) freedom, our customers can now use their mobile phone at home and in the region, without the fear of high (bills) charges which have in the past forced them to seek out alternative options,” says Hughes-McNamara.

All customers roaming on Digicel’s other networks in the Caribbean, with the exception of Guyana, will automatically be switched to the new low rates, with no activation fees.


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  1. Apart from the US, earlier they said free, not a "low" cost. And what is low????? Not impressed, not at all.


  2. This is really great news! But what about the US? Earlier this year you stated that the US will be included in this package . . . I suppose Digicel is still in conversation with the relevant partners.

    Any way, it is still good!!!


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