Road rage incident in Trinidad ends in knife, cutlass duel

Road rage incident in Trinidad ends in knife, cutlass duel

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — A road rage incident last Friday simmered over the weekend before the drivers met again on Monday with a knife and cutlass.

One has been arrested and the other is at a hospital in critical condition.

Police say a 46-year-old man reported that on Friday, he was driving into Laventille Road, in his white Nissan Tiida motor vehicle, when he almost collided with a blue Toyota Corolla.

Both drivers got into a heated argument, before they both drove off in different directions.

On Monday, the victim and the man got into another argument during which the victim pulled a cutlass from his vehicle and beating the other man.

The beaten man pulled a knife and stabbed the other driver about body before returning to his vehicle and driving away.

The victim was taken to the Mt Hope Hospital for treatment, where he remains warded in a stable but critical condition.

The suspect of Santa Cruz, subsequently surrendered to officers of the San Juan Police Station.



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