RJB Hotel Supplies teams up with Chef Nina

RJB Hotel Supplies teams up with Chef Nina
Chef Nina Compton-Miller during her cooking demonstration at Main Stage Jazz Saturday at Pigeon Island National Landmark.
Chef Nina Compton-Miller during her cooking demonstration at main stage Jazz Saturday at Pigeon Island National Landmark.

PRESS RELEASE – Receiving a call from the Saint Lucia Tourist Board requesting that their top of the line kitchen equipment and utensils be used as part of a cooking demonstration was a big honour for local company, RJB Hotel Supplies. But being told that internationally-renowned chef and Saint Lucia’s culinary ambassador Nina Compton-Miller would be hosting that cooking demonstration was certainly not what RJB Hotel Supplies’ Managing Director Rick Barnard would have expected.

That’s exactly the case that happened earlier this month when the SLTB was preparing for the cooking demonstration featuring Compton-Miller at Pigeon Island National Landmark at this year’s main stage Jazz on Saturday, May 10. Barnard said the opportunity was too precious to let pass.

“We made arrangements for her to come into the store since she had a prepared list of equipment she was looking for,” Barnard said. “Once she visited the store, she found a lot of other stuff that would have been useful for the event.”

RJB Hotel Supplies provided the cookware, commercial cooking utensils and refrigerator, china, and stock pot cooker and other food preparation items for the event. The RJB Hotel Supplies team even installed the equipment the young chef requested at the Pigeon Island National Landmark.

The restaurant-type set-up by the Edge Restaurant,Bar and Sushi at main stage Jazz Saturday was one of the biggest buzzes during the three-day climax of this year’s Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival. Patrons got samples of Chef Nina’s culinary delights, among them the finger-licking dasheen gnocchi that seemed a favourite.

Barnard said it was the first such collaboration between his company and the SLHTA on that level. His company, he said, has sponsored equipment for the Schools Cooking Competition during Independence celebrations and bartenders.

He said he welcomes such opportunities that serve a two-fold purpose: highlighting the potential of talented Saint Lucians and giving consumers the chance to experience his products’ potential. His company, he said, stands ready to support the future culinary ambassadors now honing their craft.

RJB Hotel Supplies offers everything small vendors, large restaurants, hotels or households need for food service – except the food. This includes equipment and utensils. The company carries some of the best commercial grade equipment at household grade prices.


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