RIP Millan: “I want justice for my child” – mother of deceased child

RIP Millan: “I want justice for my child” – mother of deceased child

A four-year-old boy who was suspected of being physically abused has died, according to reports.

Millan Jn Baptiste reportedly died Friday afternoon, Oct. 9, 2015, about five days after he was admitted to Victoria Hospital with severe head injuries.

In an earlier interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO), who first broke the story, the child’s mother had expressed fear that her son could die.

The woman, who asked not to be named, had told SNO that said she was very worried about her child’s condition.

“He is in a bad state. His brain is almost dead. My son will not make it,” she said in the earlier interview.

The concerned mother had said she is confused as to what really led to her child’s current condition and is hoping that she can get to the bottom of it, with the help of the police and social services.

“I just really want to know what is going on. What’s the story behind that? Because the father saying that the child didn’t fall, and then the girlfriend said he fell, and they said nobody was around when he got injured. I really want to know what happened to my son,” she told SNO.

Questioned as to whether she believes that her child was physically abused, the woman responded in the affirmative, stating that she has seen marks of violence on her son’s body before.

“The child has marks all over his skin. He has marks on his tummy, all over. They have bruises that healed and some that haven’t even healed yet,” she added.

Police sources have confirmed that the child’s father and stepmother – a recently married couple – were questioned by officials in connection with the allegations. They have not been charged.


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  1. y has the police taken so long to arrest these people no wander the Americans dnt want to train us cause we not doing a good at all that socal worker should loose her job as well


  2. No one has been charged. Bull shit. I'm so upset when ever I hear or talk about Millan. He was such a loving child and to tell you the truth he DID Not deserve to die this way. His father and step mother I wish Millan would haunt you all every day and night just to make y'all life miserable the same way y'all did his. What can a 4 year old child do to deserve this. No one has been charged but if I was the mother or just a cousin I would have been charged by now because the number of things I would do to the father most of all and then I would go to the step mother. Then they would charge me for using too much force. Officers I have a question didn't the father and step mother use TOO much force on Millan. Didn't they? They mad to charge the guys who beat the thief but the two murderers are still out walking everywhere and the mother is weaping for her child and hoping that her heart can heal. Millan is not my family but I will never support abuse. He was too loving for that. How can someone bite themselves to leave a black mark and also how can his head reach right there. What goes around comes back around. Millan is resting in God's arms but guess what ggod is in control. R.i.p Millan


  3. OMG!!! why isn't someone arrested yet such a handsome boy ( may he rest in total peace) . I am outraged what could this little child have done that was so bad that the only avenue was murdering him.


  4. In the first place the mother should not give her child to the father , but i understand she did not really have somewhere to live and the court allow her to give the child to the father, she always check on her child she never gave up ,realizing her child was being abused ,made several reports to the social worker what was done NOTHING beinging abuse caused his death today we need justice not only the mother needs we other mothers out there need it both the stepmother and the father should be under arrest listen people we are talking about a four years old 4 years he is still a baby to me give us justice people stepmothers dont like stepdaughters they dont like stepsons they are there for their selves and their own children and i quote.


  5. truth be told, if that child can die in the hands of people who are his family, he is in a better place. cuz dont tell me that not one person saw this child, heard his cries and did nothing. the mother, father, step mother, cousins, aunts, grandparents, teachers, neighbours. NOONE DID ANYTHING_ SO WHY ALL THE NOISE NOW> BURY THE CHILD AND MOVE ON LIKE WE USUSALLY DO!!


    • You need to read the damn news report before commenting. The mother made several reports! she did not just sit idly by


  6. It really amazes me how the wheels of justice roles in st lucia, the child was in the legal care of his father and stepmother, he sustained horrific injuries whilst in the care of his. Legal guardians, yet the legal guardians are still walking the streets free! Where is the full extent of the law when u need it,.where is Mary Francisvwith her usual rhetoric?!?!? I guess this little boys human rights where not violated enough!?!?!? What say you Mary. Francis, the voice of the voiceless


    • Mary francis does only talk when is one of her criminal men that facing injustice. When it is women and children the hag is silent.


  7. How about the Social Services Systems in place? Shouldn't they also be blamed for this tragedy? Isn't it their responsibility to ensure that children are in responsible and secured home? Were there any follow-up procedures after the home placement? Was an investigation conducted to ensure that these parents were fit for the task and able to sustain such responsibility? Did the parents have jobs, or a dwelling to accommodate this child at the time of placement? I believe these and other questions should be addressed prior to anyone placing blames. They were the culprits to this scenario and should never be overlooked.