RIP Brian Mc Donald: Veteran sportscaster passes away

RIP Brian Mc Donald: Veteran sportscaster passes away

mcdonaldVeteran sports journalist Brian Mc Donald, also known as Ras I-Pic, has died.

Mc Donald, a sports reporter and broadcaster for Radio St. Lucia, reportedly passed away today, Sunday, Jan 17.

Reports are that Mc Donald has been ailing for sometime.

Tributes have been pouring on Mc Donald’s Facebook page since midday today. He was renowned for his works in football and boxing.

Two local journalists, Marius Modeste and Jerry George, have paid tribute to Mc Donald on social media.

Modeste wrote: “Today St. Lucians woke up to the sad news that Brian Mc Donald, sportscaster on Radio St. Lucia, died suddenly. The media, boxing and football fraternity has lost an MVP, Brian Mc Donald aka Ras I Pic. Sportscasting could never be the same without you dear comrade. I have lost yet another dear friend. Until my time comes farewell my one-time brother. If my memory serves me right, this is the 5th death in the Mc Donald family over the past two years or so.”

George wrote: “You could always depend on Brian McDonald for a good laugh. No matter how serious the situation, he always found humour for a good laugh. Alas, the news of his passing is no laughing matter. And to make matters worse, his earthly transition is seven days after the death of his compadre, Sean Phillips. When i got to know Brian in 1997 he had already started to make a mark in sports reporting. I marveled at how he would hand write his radio scripts and deliver them flawlessly. It wasn’t that he knew his sports and the people in sports, but it was his fantastic memory, able to recall dates, achievements, records effortlessly. Once he had gained confidence at the mic he also applied his memory to music. He was humble. He was cool. RIP BRIAN.”


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  1. What a great lost to our Country and the Sports Community of St.lucia. Brian Mc Donald was a true National serving the Country with great enthusiasm in his field of work on Radio St.Lucia. He was a real friend to everyone he meet what a great individual.He will be greatly missed by everyone, May he rest in peace.


  2. One thing i have learnt is that,anytime your stomach gets big this is a bad sign with a heart attack soon. Its sad to hear his passing.


  3. Unbelievable!!.. both his death and life. One of the most fascinating personalities that I am blessed to have known.

    I can still see him, sitting under that big tree by the College tennis court, giving a lively commentary of a lunch time football match... LOL!! What a laugh! He was known as 'Harpic' back then.. I will not say why.. LOL!!

    Godspeed, ole chap! Thank u sincerely for the good memories and the countless laughs.. I am happy that you realized your dream and kept it real!!


  4. RIP Ras Ipic, today the country means the death of a true sports icon a man who lived and breath sports. Sports casting can never be the same. Till we meet again my bro. #YouWillBeMissed.


  5. remembered that voice over the radio every morning as i prepared for school. you made sports news in St.Lucia more interesting. R.I.P Brian


  6. We have lost a a true professional in the sports arena. We have known each other since Windward Island Games, Blackheart, Veterans Ffootball and Boxing and we always admire your dedication and committment to your work over the years.
    We remember your words " I have to be up by 4am so the People can get the sports news in the morning".
    It would nice to hear refurbished Boxing Gym named the Bryan MacDonald Boxing Gym


  7. Just last night you were with the guys as your veterans team "Congo" won, you will still see the semi finals but this time you will be looking down from heaven. What a major lost to the football fraternity especially veterans football! Brian your friends are all in tears today as you left without saying good bye….just last night you were there chatting away and saying your only wish was for "congo" to beat "Vfort." Your wish was granted brother. One Love brother Harpic!!!! aka Ras Ipic!!!


  8. I will remember Brian for his joie de vivre and his passion for good Reggae music. Marius Modeste says without him "sportscasting could never be the same". I say, without him, Radio Saint Lucia will not be the same. Condolences to his family, Radio Saint Lucia and the sports community.


  9. Omg .. I spoke to Brian on Friday night, we had great conversation about reggae vybez etc.,, we laughed and we talked about loads of stuff. it was fun and all good. The vybez was positive and the music was great. Brian was a fun friend/family to be around. I will surely miss that voice on Reggae Vybzes and Sports info. R. I. P.
    Family keep the faith the Most High will see us through this.


  10. this one touched my heart
    a remarkable man i my eyes

    u still live on - as the memories of u will never go away...blessed love my friend


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