Rihanna sues her dad over use of their last name

Rihanna sues her dad over use of their last name
Rihanna and dad
Rihanna and dad in happier times

(BARBADOS NATION) — According to several international media sources Rihanna is suing her father Ronald Fenty for exploiting the Fenty name.

Media site TMZ claims to have obtained court documents which claims her father, started a talent development company in 2017 called Fenty Entertainment.

However Rihanna has already trademarked “Fenty” for a number of business ventures, including her well-known Fenty Beauty line. She claims he’s profiting off the reputation she’s created with Fenty.

Rihanna is suing her father Ronald Fenty for exploiting the Fenty name.

The England’s Daily Mail also reported Despite having no authority to act on his daughter’s behalf, Ronald is said to have booked her on a $15million tour in Latin America and two concerts, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for $400,000.

Rihanna has asked for damages from her father, and an injunction on his business, set up in 2017.

A Page Six Report claims, the superstar said her dad claims he got approval from her label, Roc Nation, before booking, but that the singer argues that no one from Roc Nation knew about the endeavors.

While Rihanna is taking legal action against her father, the two remain in contact.


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  1. The issue here is he taking the Fenty name to some sort represent her. Make decisions on her behalf such as books for hundresdsjof thousands without her consent. Making clients and world believe they are in business together. Read to understand and not just be quick to speak or comment. Lucian just quick to I’ll name people. Reading the comments made us seem ignorant and illiterate. “Whore of Babylon “ tsk!!


  2. It does not matter how she got her last name. He cannot book events for her without her knowledge. If she does not appear she wpuld be sued not him. Just becausr he is her dad does not give him the right to do whatever he wants.
    Rihanna took care of her Mom and Siblungs because this same man was so abusive that they had to flee his treachery.
    I support you 100% Rihanna. Obviously he still.only cares about himself.


  3. Let mmm e get this straight. This woman is suing her father over the usebof his name. Listen up Rihanna, Fenty is more your dad's name than it is yours. That is the name he got from his father, not from you. You inherited the last name Fenty upon your mother's marriage to Ronald Fenty and they had you. If the man wants to name his business Fenty Entertainment, that is his right. Who are you to dispute that?.


    • If i read to overstand i think he is making bookings of tours for Rihanna of which both her and her label being absent minded ..which is bad for her reputation and business where he is trying to make some profits...as much as fenty is his name he comes across like nothing but a conn artist in which seemingly rihanna can easily look like an accessory because of their factual bond...jah knows if i was in rihanna,s place my dad wouldn't have to drive a stroke ...i guess she just wanna teach him a lesson for his desperate stupidity.


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