Ricky T’s ‘Freaky Girls’ listed #1 of 2016

Ricky T’s ‘Freaky Girls’ listed #1 of 2016
Ricky T
Ricky T
Ricky T

PRESS RELEASE – Freaky Girls from Saint Lucia’s Ricky T has been listed number one of the Top 30 Soca songs of 2016.

The accolade has come from Trinidad Carnival Diary, a Trinidad & Tobago based publication with over 200,000 followers on Facebook and over 60, 000 Likes on Instagram.

The list was released on January 8, 2017. The other listed artistes include soca heavyweight Machel Montano, the 2016 International Soca Monarch Voice as well as Teddyson John and Motto from Saint Lucia.

This latest boon from Trinidad comes, as Ricky T is getting ready to head to the twin island republic for its Carnival 2017 season. This will be a return visit, weeks after Saint Lucia’s most successful Monarch with 17 titles was in Trinidad for a week-long media tour in December 2016. While in Trinidad Ricky T appeared on a number of radio and television stations including 96.1 the Madder Drive and Synergy TV.

Ricky T recently signed a Booking Agent deal with Trinidad’s Ian Pantin, who once managed Bunji Garlin, Faye Ann Lyons and Patrice Roberts. The new addition to his team has already facilitated bookings on two major Trinidad shows – Army Fete and Ladies Night Out: The Megaconcert.

Meanwhile, Ricky T continues his grueling tour schedule that began soon after Saint Lucia Carnival ended in July 2016. To date, he has performed at events for Nottinghill Carnival, Labour Day in New York, Miami Carnival as well as Soca Frenzy in the UK, in Toronto for the sold out Soca Or Die concert featuring Kes and Farmer Nappy as well as in Boston, St Croix where he appeared during the Crucian Christmas Festival and Guadeloupe.

Ricky T fans and the general public are asked to follow him on his journey via his Facebook page simply titled “Ricky T” as well as on Instagram @rickytizzle. Fans can also follow the Stratosphere Muzic pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more.


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  1. Eempey Slicker gets no credit??

    Ricky T still treating other artists like they dont exists. This is why your career will never blow up... i bet eempey in 2 years will be a bigger draw than you.

    Congrats to EEMPEY SLICKER and Ricky T


  2. Big up the new york star also eempey slicker who need to be credited for the song.who seemed to be left in the shade.

    Big up eempey star affi shine !!!!!!!

    Ricky t still me family but give the yout his props


  3. watch that we our own looking at ricky t as nothing where as other people treating him as a king for soca watch stuff he doing in trinidad and its clear these people are excited about him. in saint lucia music not going no where cause of all the fight down and back biting.


  4. Big up to the best artist by far Ricky T....... well deserved, congratulations to you and all those with you on this musical journey. ...... move on to hihger heights Ricky T...... wam to Dem!!!!!!


  5. Take a listen. follow the link below. I bet Ricky T knew nothing about it.



  6. Congratulations Mr T. Finally we are seeing our talented artists develop huge export potential. Yes, we can romp with the best. TEPA are you listening


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