Ricky T releases Independence present to St. Lucia

Ricky T releases Independence present to St. Lucia

2017-02-22-08_36_44-re_-press-release-on-new-ricky-t-single-_sweet-st-lucia_-slunewsonlinegmail-cPRESS RELEASE – Saint Lucia’s Ricky T has released an Independence 38 tribute to his homeland called “Sweet St Lucia”.

This is the first song Ricky T has recorded about Saint Lucia. On its own, this makes the song a standout in a career that spans decades and has been full of accolades. Perhaps influenced by his long absences from home this past year while on an extended world-wide tour for his 2016 hit “Freaky Girls” or a burning desire to proudly declare his Nationality – this Independence treat is a welcome departure from Ricky T’s norm.

But don’t be fooled – “Sweet St Lucia” is not typical of the “National Song genre” because it is a patriotic ode done Ricky T style. And while he namedrops places and events and talks about what makes us all quintessentially Lucian, he does it in a way that highlights everything from our love of pork and rum, feting till we drunk as well as our festivals, heroes and culture.

Ricky T also proudly calls out the community of Faud-A-Chaud where he grew up and compels all Saint Lucians in keeping with the Independence 38 theme of “I Am Saint Lucia” to “Stand Up Proud/Look – and look good!”

Writing from Trinidad, Ricky T reflects on what he loves and misses about us, about home because “Sweet St Lucia” is about knowing and holding on to what makes us a United Saint Lucia.


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  1. Happy 38th Independent Day to each and every St.Lucian both home and abroad let us all remember united we stand divided we fall. Sir John I will never forget you thanks. Ricky T you nail it wow stay bless,SNO thanks again stay safe everyone.


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