Rick Wayne threatened on live television

Rick Wayne threatened on live television
Rick Wayne. Photo: Star Newspaper.
Rick Wayne. Photo: Star Newspaper

Police have launched an investigation into threats made against veteran journalist, Rick Wayne.

Reports are that a caller to Wayne’s show, “Talk” aired on DBS on Thursday, made threatening remarks to the journalist, while stating that if the opposition wins the election, there would be civil unrest.

The caller also reportedly told Wayne on Thursday that he is a “bad boy”, who has guns, urging the talk show host and publisher to desist from speaking in the way that he does.

But Wayne who seem less bothered by the comments made to him on live television, told sections of the media that it is just an expression of an angry citizen “speaking his mind.”

The journalist said that the situation should be looked at from the point of view that free speech is an important constitutional right and everyone should be allowed to express themselves freely.


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  1. When you throw stones at others you must expect to have stones thrown back at you. While I will not excuse this type of behaviour but by the same token TV hosts need to realise that they need to be held responsible for their choice of words on air. I have watched this man's TV show and the rhetoric that he spews out is unbelievable.

    I have realised that there is an anti-government agenda being employed as he is often critical of this current administration.

    Some TV hosts love to play the victim card. They love to be seen as the victim even after saying so much which piques them as anything but a victim. No one is going to harm this man He is a well-known Journalist and propagandist and the police will no doubt offer him much needed assistance. There is no need to make a mountain out of a molehill about this. It is petty and trivial. No one will harm Rick Wayne.

    This man has for many years been hammering everybody who is anybody in the state of St Lucia and no one is brave enough to stand up to him. He is trying to make out that he is a victim. HE IS NO VICTIM. He is a bully and a coward and like most bullies he is the first one to cry like a baby. That is what bullies do while throwing their toys out of the pram. The many years of steroid abuse have done little to reassure him of his blown up "greatness" and so he lashes out at every available opportunity. He is an opportunist who is using his fifteen minutes of fame to milk it for all it's worth. This is a publicity stunt which is geared towards giving much-needed oxygen to a coward who is not willing to stand in his corner and to fight for what he believes in. No one will harm Reek Wayne. This lothario needs to simply get on with what he does best and that is -Spreading propaganda.


    • Play the victim how? The threats were made on national tv for all to hear so it's no mystery how it got back to the police. If you have any bit of reading comprehension you will see that Rick himself wasn't moved enough to make an issue out of it and brushed the threats off as 'an angry citizen expressing their mind'. How is that playing the victim and being a hypocrite????? I honestly don't think you people read to understand


  2. That says a lot about the vast majority in our population. Only a foolish population would so consistently vote for one party depending on it to give them jobs that do not cover the cost of living or putting food on the table all year round. Yet, if that party fails to win the government they do not get not even those crumbs from the other party. Saint Lucians have been immature jackasses from since I know myself. What an ignorant lot. That one who just threaten is just another one of so many of those dumb asses keeping the country down.


    • Where were you when the other side was in for 30 years. Have you ever thought since you are in the minority that your thinking is dumb and stupid. Such a hypocritical statement.


  3. This happens to a country that exalts the representation by reprobates of other reprobates and scumbags in their constituencies. That is why people in Saint Lucia want to vote for only those born in the constituencies that they want to represent. With notable reprobates loved and adored and voted to parliament by the riffraff.

    what else did you expect? There are very few who are offering themselves up as potential candidates, who can break this vicious cycle of poverty of spirit, poverty of ideas, and poverty of good repute.


  4. Hope the Police Force will not display its incompetence and let this one pass. We cannot encourage indiscipline in the name of freedom of speech.


  5. Ease of surviving is heavily dependent on the party in power for most and because of this reality, one gets angry when his/her party's chances of winning an election is threatened during the silly season. Lots of animosity between the two major parties and their followers. Blame the politicians. This is nothing new.


  6. once you challenge the admin and demand answers they or their goons or stooges will find a way to attack you. the number of bobols we have come to know about only ONLY ONLY through Rick and his show tells us how invaluable he is to the society. I was just discusing who will carry the fort after rick. we will definitely need someone to continue to bring to light the truth as the government pising in our eyes. Long Live Talk and Rick wayne.

    party hacks need to stop their nasty behaviour as they are not forced to watch any show, or take on cases for the givernment. likewise, i do not watch Frederick's show cause he talks too much about chastanet as if is his woman. I simply dont watch, i dont go and make a threat. nonsense


    • So Federick talks about Chastanet and Rick talks about Kenny (as if he is his woman?). What's the difference? Why listen to RIck and not Federick?


  7. Rick what made you feel that you would be immune to this type of behaviour when you appear to insight and condone it against persons you dislike. You have been teaching our citizens to spew venom and anger for a long time now.
    Cut out your hate rhertoric on national television and stop creating a toxic environment.
    RSLPF please investigate these threats.


  8. It is really sad, but unfortunately, true that we still have such characters in our society. Party hacks have become emboldened by the filth that some political leaders spew on their platforms, and even in Parliament!
    Come on Rick, people must learn that they should express their views in a disciplined and unthreatening manner.


    • Ummm... Rick Wayne was not at all perturbed by the caller, and RW did express that the caller had the right to speak his mind.


  9. Free Speech is Indeed a Constitutional Right, However a threat is not and should be taken Seriously, bad boys don't say they are bad boys nor do they say they have weapons. The Individual is none but a Bully Period with no other Knowledge but ignorance, probably had someone else dial the Phone # for lack of intelligence and education means an increase in Ignorance !


    • I sure someone somewhere was able to identify the caller's voice?. I'm really looking forward to the next show this week!


  10. This caller sounded as ignorant and the stone ages! I wish that he would be found and prosecuted. Let's see if the political party he's ready to down his life for with a assist him in his defense.


  11. As usual another idiot got paid to act out, if not then simply switch your bloody channel if you can't listen to real talk and go watch some cartoons.


  12. This is just the beginning of things to happen on live TV and radio, rick seems has touch the truth of an angry citizen,


  13. Where have we got to? It’s no longer the power of persuasion but the power of brute force! This is desperation and a slippery road to anarchy.

    We can’t allow block head to rule! Common sense and moral values must reign!


  14. The threat was real. Any St.lucian who hear the caller knew that it was a grave threat but the SLP will once again spin it as a joke. This is the country we have become under the so called Leadership Of KDA. there is more to come-- only a matter of time. Yes Rick insults and calls people stupid but he never put a hit on someone`s life.


  15. It would seem our allegiance is more to "de party" than it is to fair Helen. I am not here defending Rick Wayne; he does a fine enough job all his own. His ambition has always been to "bring the truth to light" however ugly or coloured it might be. The caller and others who share similar sentiment are indicative of the mindset of the party hacks in this country. When are we going to start acknowledging that our politicians are humas, capable of error, corruption, deceit? If they have wronged the people of this nation, then it is the responsibility of journalists like Rick to enlighten us and they should be allowed to do so free of fear and intimidation from anyone. The onus then falls to the population to demand answers and accountability from those we elect. That, in my mind, is the way of a democratic and progressive minded nation.

    One other thing - freedom of speech while it must be encouraged, must be exercised within the boundaries of respect and an understanding that as humans, we are bound to see things differently sometimes.


    • ".....our politicians are humas, capable of error, corruption, deceit?"

      However not capabale of being prosecuted for alleged wrong doings and corruption.


  16. Somehow I had a gut feeling that not only threats will come
    from those who refuse to hear or bear to hear the truth, but
    may be silly enough to implement their threats with action.
    St. Lucia has for a long while becoming a frightening place for
    one to live a decent and quiet life; the violence, murder, break in,
    rape, proliferation of Drugs, the wild vehicular traffic, Racism, etc.
    Now you can through in the mix, politics.


  17. i dont support threats being made against other persons period! rick wayne recieved death threats on his show? he is afraid? now the shoe is on the other foot, he crying foul? when the two young boys made the threat against the PM on his live show, did he chastised or berate them? did he immediately stop the show? nope! he enjoyed the show and allowed the tow young boys to ventilate their opinions, so how does it feel rick? pissing in our eyes and call it rain. who feels it knows!


    • If your ignorance wasn't so blissful to you, you would have taken some time to read through the article. It in no way states that Rick Wayne cried foul about the comments made by the caller. In fact the article clearly states "The journalist said that the situation should be looked at from the point of view that free speech is an important constitutional right and everyone should be allowed to express themselves freely." Maybe you should read first then comment.


  18. St. Lucian's refuse to see the big picture. A supposedly angry citizen has made some pronouncements "very serious ones" and we are not ding mindful of it.


  19. Rick Wayne is amazing and necessary. He goes up against every single government in power as long as he has proof of corruption. Rick has been the whistle blower on many issues. Had it not been for his bravado we would never know of their various bobols. You don't have to like this man as a person to know he provides us with a lens of transparency and urges us to think critically. Only ignorant , simple mind or the blindly loyal political folk would argue otherwise .


  20. FYI !! Orange, which is the colour of Rick's shirt, is a combination of red and Yellow. People need to cool off this silly season.