Richard Frederick’s show returns with ‘special Independence edition’

Richard Frederick’s show returns with ‘special Independence edition’

(SNO) — MBC television’s popular live talk show, ‘Can I Help You,’ hosted by former government minister and attorney Richard Frederick, will be aired tomorrow (Feb. 21) with a ‘special Independence edition’.

This information was disclosed on the Facebook pages of MBC and ‘Can I Help You’ late Wednesday afternoon.

It was not immediately clear if the show has returned for good. Several weeks ago Frederick had indicated he would take a break but did not give a set timeline for his return. But he did give a reason for his break, at the time.

“We have a prime minister that operates totally devoid of transparency,” he explained. “The information is given out by myself to the people every Thursday and it appears that they digest it and all they do is await more information. No one wants to do anything about what is happening to the country. We are too tolerant as a people, we are too passive.”

He had vowed to return to the show sooner than he had initially planned. “I will be back much sooner than I thought,” he stated.

Well, now that there is an Independence edition, viewers and listeners will be eager to know tomorrow if this is a return for good.

Persons on Facebook are rejoicing to the news.

“About time,” Tan Tao Lang wrote. Dness Etienne SkYé Louisy said “we will be watching” while Martin Philogenestated: “We got work to do they can’t stop you bro.”


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