Judge rules in favour of UWP

By SNO Staff

Richard Fredrick.

A High Court judge yesterday ruled in favour of the United Workers Party (UWP) after a motion was filed to review the decision to expel Castries Central MP Richard Frederick and by extension have the party’s annual convention cancelled for this purpose.

The judgement was handed down by Justice Darshan Ramdhani.

Top party officials including its current leader Allen Chastenet were among those that were present for the hearing.

The motion was filed with the High Court on October 24, by Chairman of the Castries Central Constituency group of the UWP Mark Louis.

The motion also sought to block the move to endorse a new candidate for Frederick’s current seat.

The plaintiff’s argument is that proper disciplinary procedures were not followed in Frederick’s case, which led to his expulsion.

Following the ruling, Chastenet expressed his satisfaction and told the media that the application lost on all counts.

The UWP leader said it goes to show that the party have been operating in a transparent manner and continues to stick to its rules and regulations.

Chastenet said given this ruling, the UWP can now focus its attention on gaining more support on the ground and aim towards winning the next general elections.

The UWP National Council had voted to expel Frederick on Sunday, August 17.

Frederick has claimed that his expulsion was triggered as a result of dictatorship in the party.

All is now set for the UWP annual convention in Gros Islet today, where a decision will be made to elect a new leader for the party.

Chastenet and Dr. Claudius Preville will be battling for the top post.

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  1. Does that Frederick Dude really know who he is going up against? There's new money and old money...Chas pulled a corporate takeover of the party...which means that he has all the positions, doors, locks and keys on the party. Them boys just sold the supermarket chain after building it up to where it has a monopoly on the island. Now them boys flush with that kneal and Marcy Money 'bout to buy an entire island..,get on the band wagon quick....and they're coming for your head now mr. king! lol!

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  3. thev best thing that has happen to the party....sir john would have definitely approved

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  5. He can still ran as an independent in the next election. He is stil MP for Castries Central. UWP made a decision that they do not want him to represent them in the house of Parliament. They will either lose or win the seat in the next elections. I'm sure they know the risks. One seat can make the difference between winning the general elections or not. Brave move, maybe necessary, maybe foolish, but it's all politics. Do we even study political history in St Lucia? This is not a unique situation. If someone is degrading your political image, get rid of them, no matter how many voters you may lose, stand by the image you want to create for your party.

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  7. One to win and one to lose. Better luck next time Claudius.
    Congratulations to you Allen.

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  9. Lmao @ concerned citizen

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  11. what's next for the united wreckers of the poor, and what's next for Richard Dufus Frederick. Time will tell.

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  13. Wat is next for r fedrick

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  15. too much drama in sweet helen

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  17. I ain't surprise. The UWP party have a constitution as to how the party and individuals govern them selves in the party.

    What make you think a judge can change the constitution in of the party in favor of you?

    If you were being forced out of your elected seat. Then you have a case.

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  19. well said.just form your own party and move on to win d election to win slp,uwp & lpm.fredrick will b PM & Mark will b governor general say show

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  22. God shld be the leader of this party all these jokers need the presence of the lord in their life....

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  24. Am no party hack. But RF is too much of a low life to serve as a leader in any early shape ir form. The country has enough to deal with. We can certainly do without a minister who promotes prostitution and immoral behavior. Am not perfect but of I have to choose a leader come with good standings and values. Other than that STAY OUT!!!!

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  28. Good Bye pitbull. You are just as arrogant as Kenny and his gang. Oh sorry i forgot you came from their bossom. Your plan to destroy uwp will not work.

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  30. Despite all his flaws think UWP is making a mistake. Think they digging their own grave

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  32. Has anyone ever vetted Richards's history?

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  34. Good, he can now join Kenny! Anyway, that Preville guy is an huge opportunist with an evil twist on his face, I don't trust him. And please, no more doctors, we have an incompetent in the hot heat. Vote LPM for a change!

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  36. I was wondering whether the courts had jurisdiction in that matter . I guesss he could have sued them , but I doubt any court could have made the a decision where they would tell an organization , who's rules & condition members signed up for ? I do believe he can sue them , but he can't ask the courts to dictate the policies if the party . Then again what do I know .. Yes it was mark who filed the case but I'm sure it was with me Fredricks approval . Hmmm !

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  38. Mark louis shut up. No Frederick

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  40. Way to gooooooo
    Hope anyone of the 2 satisfy with the outcome. You all will still be one, no matter what

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  42. Lil' Richard is going down next elections. You might as well start counting 1...2...3 etc, because he ain't coming back up after this latest knockout. I can make a safe bet that in a 3-way elections he ain't gonna be the winner. He knows that and smart people know that. This is precisely why he went to court; to stop what was eventually going to happen. His "star power" had dimmed by the time of the last elections when he barely won.

    I eh sharing the conspirational bull about Frederick, however, his jawing and ego got the better of him. My mother always use to say that I should "know which side my bread is buttered." Well Fredo's bread was buttered with UWP and he decided to sh*t where he ate. Labor doesn't him even though they making sweet eyes at him. It's all a strategic game...to screw him. Dose fellas nasty like almost everyone in local politics.

    King is recalculating because he just saw his bud crashed and burned. With King it is a different story. UWP needs him if they hope to win that seat because in a 3-way contest, Labor wins (the opposition would be dividing its votes). He can play like a girl who is hard to get...only for so long. Because like a man, the party will move on to "someting" new. King' will be Queen if he plays his absured game too much longer.

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  44. Out of a population of 170,000 those politicians really think they own the island. What they fail to realize we young people don't have time to waist. Majority of us don't have much to say but we are waiting at the polls. Noo pas nee tan, lot kotay.

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  46. central castries resident

    Yayyyyy! Richard is just too much trouble. We love you Richard but outside the party. You have separated Central Castries. You have separated the party. We appreciate all you have done but we had enough. This party needs a cleaning. Im not sure.Chastney is prime minister material but he is doing what King had no balls to do. Bravo. Party clean up!


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