Richard Frederick will not contest upcoming election

Richard Frederick will not contest upcoming election
Richard Frederick

Incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for Castries Central and former Housing Minister, Richard Frederick, will not be contesting the next elections, slated for June 6, 2016.

Frederick made the announcement during his MBC television programme on Thursday, citing the short time frame within which to prepare for polls and the fact of competing against both major political parties.

The former United Workers Party (UWP) member had expressed an interest in running again, stating that he is genuinely interested in uplifting the standard of living of people and developing the constituency.

Frederick was first elected as MP for Castries Central as an independent candidate, having won the by-election held on March 13, 2006. He was later endorsed by the UWP and was re-elected for the UWP in the general election of December 11, 2006.

He went on to win the seat again in 2011.


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  1. He will be missed in central castries..he would have won that seat again. The man is a worker n he dont need the tax payers money to do any work...the man is the truth...ppl personal life has nothing to do with politics...


  2. Thank you Richard now are now out of political life so will you continue the Allen Chastanet show? Who will you attack next. Why not Kenny? Good riddance....


  3. Richard The people of Central Castries have spoken and they are imploring you to contest this election. You should listen to the people and run as an independent candidate. You have done well and gone above and beyond to serve your constituents. Central Castries deserves good representation and this is what you have given to the people of this bustling town. You have served them wholesomely and with great aplomb. The conservative candidate who is running against you is an opportunist who previously held the seat and did very little for the populace. You cannot afford to let your folks down Richard. You Need to reconsider your decision. Give the people what they want. Grace them with your presence and not absence.

    Central Castries needs the Right Hon. Richard Frederick in the House Of parliament extolling it's virtues. They need you there to give them full and proper representation.Do not throw in the towel yet. You have a lot to offer still. Throw your hat in the ring and show the electorate what you are really made of. It is not too late to do so. Your presence in parliament serving your people will continue to make the difference.

    The Right Hon. Richard Frederick is truly a man of the people. He is charismatic, charming, affable, gregarious and most certainly does not disappoint. He is resolute in his defence of the people of Central Castries and will do anything to serve his people. He is the consummate politician and deserves every accolade that can be bestowed upon him for having the temerity to serve the people and to serve them well.

    Richard is a man of probity, valour,integrity and virtue. He is also incorruptible, upright and above suspicion. He possesses the attributes of good leadership and should do well as an independent candidate in the upcoming election. He held a town hall meeting to allow the constituents to have a say in whether he should contest this year's election. He allowed the people to decide.This shows the man's pedigree and class.

    He was sacked by the power hungry leader of the UWP who is a law unto himself. He has been throwing his weight around from day one and bluffed his way into the leadership of the opposition. He did not allow the people of St Lucia to decide whether he should be at the helm which is what Richard Frederick did.He had the leader of the opposition in parliament removed and dumped so she could make way for him to become the leader. If he can do this to an elected MP then he is capable of anything. St Lucia needs to wake up and to stop allowing people who do not have it's best interests at heart to assume the captaincy of it's ship. This man De Chastanet should never become the PM of this country.

    For look at the men he has around him who will be contesting the election. He is surrounded by a gang of seasonal workers with zero skills and talent.There is no one of substance that one can write home about proudly extolling their virtues. A bunch of no-hoppers who fancy their chances of becoming members of St Lucia's parliament.Who in "Piton St Lucia" is going to vote for these poisonous opportunists? Take the one from Laborie for example. This man has no morals nor any scruples. Any man who deliberately sets out to disrupt the flow of his daughter who is doing so well with the government deserves to be banished to the doldrums of history. No self-respecting father with stand in opposition to his daughter just to score brownie points. This man has no moral compass and is capable of anything. They say if you have nothing to stand for then you will fall for anything and that is exactly what this man of no character has done. The people of Laborie should send this chancer packing with his slimy tail between his legs. He is unfit to represent this picturesque town. Laborie is getting good representation from it's current District rep. The Right Hon. Alva Baptiste.

    The people of Central Castries, love Richard Frederick and will no doubt re-elect him once more. They do not have time for bombastic and cocky characters like Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, who is constantly switching allegiances just to please herself and her cohorts. This woman has changed sides more than she has had hot dinners. The people of Castries should teach her a lesson that she will never forget. She needs to eat humble pie.

    I have always been an admirer of The Right Hon. Richard Frederick and the energy that surrounds him.He is the right man to unite the fractious opposition party right now.He has what it takes to bring this uneasy coalition of Big Beasts together under one umbrella. Richard can get them all to become friends again. But De Chastanet will have none of it due to his arrogance. He has not offered one plausible explanation as to why he does not want Frederick in the party. Not One. How democratic is that? I thought the Flambeau were a democratic organisation.

    Word is that Richard has a large following and his followers are sufficient to get him elected in Central Castries.He should start campaigning and to send out the message loud and clear that he is back and back for good. St Lucia needs people like Richard Frederick much the same way America needs Barack Obama. He has delivered for his people and will continue to deliver once he gets elected. He has served the people with distinction and honour.

    People have been saying things about him which have no truth to it. None of what they have been rattling on about has been proven. A lot of these allegations have been made up along the way and has no element of truth attached to them. Richard is honourable and unassailable and has done the right thing by listening to the people and agreeing to contest the election which from what I have been told will be held in November.
    I wish you every success for the future Richard and please do not let the anyone get you down. Arise and shine! Let no one tell you otherwise. You can make it. You have my support.Although. I have never met you nor spoken to you, but From what I have read and heard about you, I am convinced you are truly a man of the St Lucian people. The consummate politician and one who has our peoples best interest at heart. You Go, Sir! St Lucia Needs You.

    Do Not Give Up Richard. Please reconsider and run. You can win the seat again. DO IT Richard - Run and Win.

    Malcolm L'Overture
    Haitian- Lucian
    Jacmel Haiti


  4. The best thing that ever happened to frederick, was getting fired from uwp. However u do not have it in u anymore accept talking crap on television.


  5. Ye who exalts himself SHALL be abased ................. the word of God is truth.


  6. Had the privilege of meeting you Mr. Frederick, and your foul mouth. Berating a customer service representative just because you couldn't have your way. You are and will always be disgusting. Good riddance!


  7. Smart move. I hope you will get a good post in whatever party you decide to endorse.


  8. Is it because you will be taking from the small amount of SLP left in Central Castries?


  9. Good move. Leave on a good note as a winner. Unlike Kenny who doesn't know when to quit. I say "If you can't make it don't fake it let someone body else take it." (Sarah!Sarah!, is there still the magic in your eyes? Let's hope so.


  10. richard is a good candidate and it would be nice if he was still in uwp but he has to much dirt on his head and therefore is a liability to the party or any party he is in unless he behaves himself, you think is just so the us revoke ur visa , they have been watching you for a very long time


  11. Thank you Jesus! This will give my girl a fighting chance. Que Sarah, Sarah, whatever will be, will be!


  12. seriously lets see your track record. its time we elect/reward people on merit..this man so has many issues that he will spend more time defending his actions/name with the tax payers money...NEXT..........


  13. At least you seem to have a tiny bit of intelligence left, rather than being the typical..... we all know you to be.....but **KUDOS**.........even if we know it has nothing to do with time, but the fact that you know you just don't have a chance to ever win...


    • I hope you impart the same truth to Chastanet. He got a beating in the land of sulphur now he is still not taking sentiments he wants to see if he can fool those in the land of tarre gras.


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