Richard Frederick to run in upcoming general elections

Richard Frederick to run in upcoming general elections
Frederick at a townhall meeting. * File photo
Frederick at a townhall meeting. * File photo

(SNO) — Richard Frederick, former Minister of Housing and Local Government under a United Workers Party (UWP) government headed by Stephenson King, will run as a candidate in the next general elections.

This much was enforced at last Sunday’s protest march in Castries when he spoke to the people on two occasions, one near the Sabs Playing Field minutes before the march started and at the rally near the Vendors Arcade.

Frederick, a former parliamentary representative for Castries Central, has been speaking of throwing his hat in the political ring for quite some time now on his television programme on MBC. However on Sunday, he quelled all doubts.

Expelled from the UWP by Allen Chastanet and other delegates of the party in 2014, Frederick at the protest march on Sunday, reiterated his intention to participate as a candidate in the next general elections.

However the man who won the Castries Central seat twice in 2006, first as an Independent in March and then as a candidate of the UWP in December, did not say under what banner he will be fulfilling his dream for the third time.

So far a success story in the political arena, Frederick told thousands at Sunday’s march that he will support Labour Party leader Philip J. Pierre as prime minister of the country.

A fierce critic of Chastanet, Frederick’s appearances on stage Sunday, particularly at the rally, was well received. In fact he hyped up the crowd prior to the start of the march from the Sabs Playing Field.

What vehicle Frederick will use to contest the Central Castries constituency, a place where he is loved, is left to be seen, however one thing is certain: his opponents are in for one heck of a fight as he has never been known to lose an election in that constituency.


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  1. It would be very interesting to hear KENNYS comment if any on richy boys comment and I quote IS THE WORST PERSON TO ENTER POLITICS





  3. A blind man can see he PM is not in the interest of the poor and marginalized.I dear you folks name one thing that he has done that is not of a destructive or sinister nature.


  4. Boy! Oh Boy! Politics gone mad in St. Lucia. Real madness I tell. Lord, please help the poor people of St. Lucia.


  5. Let me get this straight.Fredrick is bringing a lo of the Allan Chastanet ills to the fore and some of you guys are hitting on him for this.Can y'all see the path that the pm is on???.look this man is about fulfilling his Father's dreams and selling out the country.Wise up people,the issue is not about Richard!


    • Labour will lose because of Frederick....who is on a malicious role...the Frederick labour never wanted to see


    • We know the issue is about you A..h... there will be no shortage of the white angel for you to sniff because Richard will always be there he cannot go no where you get it? Spanish you will be speaking all right if he gets in because the Venezuelans will be co workers so Spanish will be your second language makak. Educate yourself Richard Fredrick will NEVER EVER be a politician in St.Lucia again, he can run his mouth like a diarrhea that's too bad. Are you are trying to put a curse on St.Lucia who would loan us money who would want to socialize with that contagious virus? Nigger please leave Mr Chastanet alone let him be,you and the entire deplorable SLP party go suck an egg.


  6. New low for SLP! Wow Richard Frederick is y’all candidate this is Pips legacy? Sad. Do y’all remember what y’all said about this man? I was very surprised to see him on an SLP platform


  7. Richard Frederick, Angel Brouet, Catherine Sealy, Cornelia Jacob, Therold Prudent, Christopher Hunte, Kenny Anthony. This is the New SLP. now that you know, what will you do? Chas is a small fish for these rogue group.


    • Did Theo give up he's U S citizenship yet? That monkey with his lame accent does not know from his ass to his elbow bring him on Montoute(hope I spell it right) will take good care of him LMAORL.





  8. The only two persons that could have dealt with Richard Frederick was Chas and comfy. Chas expelled him from the party and now he is bitter.richard is obsessed with Chas. Chas is the man of the year. Richard your political career is over in St lucia.pack your bag and if you want join the new party Mouse is forming. And seriously I don't think Mouse wants you to be part of his are the worst thing that ever happen to St Lucia's politics, according to kenny.


  9. Ohhh noooooo. Mr Phillip J Pierre please do not make this mistake. Our party appreciate what he does on his talk show but no not a candidate of ours. Nooooooo


  10. Greed,haters,self serving mongers in the gise of patriot. What a laugh. I am glad you are going up just like when Kenny you went up because this is were what you sow you will reap come in. Your hatred must come back to you. That was you aim to be stored Lucia prime minister and how come Allan get to be prime minister. You fake asses.


  11. All of y'all shut y'all ass! Only minister i have ever seen walked through the ghettos proud! i am not a uwp supporter, honestly i will admit i voted stanley, but richard is for the ghetto ppl, give the man his break! Y'all behave too political. So many that leave labour and go uwp and vice versa! Come on now! He has never lost a sit, and dont expect him too, the way y'all dont like ghetto ppl its no joke!


    • He has good reason to like ghetto people. Mun like that never want ghettos to dun and by the way you talking it seems you might be thinking the same way. Ghettos have benefit for yall. Well not me I eh want no ghetto. i want everybody to be able to elevate themselves from that ghetto shit with the right help, education and jobs. Not people sitting on their asses just waiting to come and take mine and say things hard. when they are the ones making it hard on themselves. Get out or away from the Ghetto mindset. He like Ghetto so much you doesn't see the smile on his face when they calling him boss man.


    • What choice does he have he feed the ghetto people his poison the white one and make you all azz get more dumb and dumber. Some of you all NEVER like an upgrade you all like the same old shit on different days nigger please educate your self stupid ass. Richard is a Metastasis cancer thank God the fool can NEVER leave St.Lucia he'll be a Minister without a VISA. The way the SLP treated him like a leper now he's kissing ass again well he's not as smart as he think he is.


    • You must use profanity to prove that you are too dumb to see that people like you are being kept in a ghetto for smarter people to climb on your stupid heads to gain political power. The SLP did that in the Conway.

      This works so well on dumb people that the SLP created other ghetto areas . We have Grave Yard, Egard, and they gave plywood and galvanized sheets to create the hell hole called Bruce Ville. More ghetto minds like yours make for more ghetto politicians. The jackasses are always well served.


    • Only indiscipline people use the first line of your comment in a forum like this. Your opening statement makes me understand why you support Richard. As a labour party supporter I know the party since Julian Hunte days has a process for selecting candidates. For Richard to think he can declare himself shows the indiscipline. I refuse to support the labour party if Richard is a candidate.


    • Richard is for ghetto people but ghetto people are not for themselves. If the ghetto is so great, why doesn't he live in there? You'll ghetto people are capable of so much better. Stop allowing politicians to exploit you'll. Stop killing each other over their power grabs. Stop robbing and killing hard working people. Drop that mindset.


  12. Haha. What a jike. What does the former PM have to say. He said the character was the worse thing to happen to politics in SLU. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Looooooooooooooool.



  13. Oh God no. Never voted, but we don't want you. You turned the city into an even bigger slum than it already was and empowered the worst people. To have a US visa revoked (and not by Trump mind you) is a very serious issue and alludes at something much grander. Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are.

    #nopitbull #anybodybutrichard #forgetpartycolours #stluciadeservesbetter

    Never Forget:


  14. The fact that Richard Fredrick was on the stage of the party I supported in 2016 has turned my stomach. I am not voting next election and i am not alone.