Richard Frederick to contest next election?

Richard Frederick to contest next election?
Richard Frederick

Incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for Castries Central and former Housing Minister, Richard Frederick, will be contesting the next elections, after he was endorsed by constituents on Tuesday.

During a town hall meeting, Frederick asked his supporters, whether he should join the race or not, and they responded in the affirmative, stating that he had done a a lot for the constituency.

Frederick  said he was about to give up on politics, after he was kicked out of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), but he decided to put aside his personal issues and think about the people.

The former minister said he is genuinely interested in uplifting the standard of living of people, developing the constituency and the people of the country, by making a huge difference.

He spoke about the work he has done during his term in office as MP for Castries Central, which includes developing Serenity Park and building courts in several parts of the constituency.

Frederick boasted that he was able to do way more than the two contenders, who were both MPs for the constituency at one point. He was referring to Stanley Felix and Sarah Flood Beaubrun.

Frederick was first elected as MP for Castries Central as an independent candidate, having won the by-election held on March 13, 2006. He was later endorsed by the UWP and was re-elected for the UWP in the general election of December 11, 2006.

He was selected in 2006 to serve as Minister for Housing, Urban Renewal and Local Government in the government of Prime Minister Sir John Compton.

Following Compton’s death in September 2007 and Stephenson King as prime minister, Frederick’s portfolio was then expanded to include Urban Renewal and Local Government.

Frederick ran for deputy leader of the UWP in 2008 but lost that battle. He was later forced to resign as cabinet minister in September 2011. His U.S. visa was also revoked.

He won his seat back for Castries Central during the 2011 General Elections.


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  1. Richard has been allegedly put there by the SLP to bring down Sarah.
    A vile and vicious crass bully working with the destroyers of the economy.
    When will the UWP present the IMPACS report showing the role of certain sitting Members of Parliament?


  2. The Right Hon. Richard Frederick is truly a man of the people. He is charismatic, charming, affable, gregarious and most certainly does not disappoint. He is resolute in his defence of the people of Central Castries and will do anything to serve his people. He is the consummate politician and deserves every accolade that can be bestowed upon him for having the temerity to serve the people and to serve them well.

    Richard is a man of probity, valour,integrity and virtue. He is also incorruptible, upright and above suspicion. He possesses the attributes of good leadership and should do well as an independent candidate in the upcoming election. He held a town hall meeting to allow the constituents to have a say in whether he should contest this year's election. He allowed the people to decide.This shows the man's pedigree and class.

    He was sacked by the power hungry leader of the UWP who is a law unto himself. He has been throwing his weight around from day one and bluffed his way into the leadership of the opposition. He did not allow the people of St Lucia to decide whether he should be at the helm which is what Richard Frederick did.He had the leader of the opposition in parliament removed and dumped so she could make way for him to become the leader. If he can do this to an elected MP then he is capable of anything. St Lucia needs to wake up and to stop allowing people who do not have it's best interests at heart to assume the captaincy of it's ship. This man De Chastanet should never become the PM of this country.

    For look at the men he has around him who will be contesting the election. He is surrounded by a gang of seasonal workers with zero skills and talent.There is no one of substance that one can write home about proudly extolling their virtues. A bunch of no-hoppers who fancy their chances of becoming members of St Lucia's parliament.Who in "Piton St Lucia" is going to vote for these poisonous opportunists? Take the one from Laborie for example. This man has no morals nor any scruples. Any man who deliberately sets out to disrupt the flow of his daughter who is doing so well with the government deserves to be banished to the doldrums of history. No self-respecting father with stand in opposition to his daughter just to score brownie points. This man has no moral compass and is capable of anything. They say if you have nothing to stand for then you will fall for anything and that is exactly what this man of no character has done. The people of Laborie should send this chancer packing with his slimy tail between his legs. He is unfit to represent this picturesque town. Laborie is getting good representation from it's current District rep. The Right Hon. Alva Baptiste.

    The people of Central Castries, love Richard Frederick and will no doubt re-elect him once more. They do not have time for bombastic and cocky characters like Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, who is constantly switching allegiances just to please herself and her cohorts. This woman has changed sides more than she has had hot dinners. The people of Castries should teach her a lesson that she will never forget. She needs to eat humble pie.

    I have always been an admirer of The Right Hon. Richard Frederick and the energy that surrounds him.He is the right man to unite the fractious opposition party right now.He has what it takes to bring this uneasy coalition of Big Beasts together under one umbrella. Richard can get them all to become friends again. But De Chastanet will have none of it due to his arrogance. He has not offered one plausible explanation as to why he does not want Frederick in the party. Not One. How democratic is that? I thought the Flambeau were a democratic organisation.

    Word is that Richard has a large following and his followers are sufficient to get him elected in Central Castries.He should start campaigning and to send out the message loud and clear that he is back and back for good. St Lucia needs people like Richard Frederick much the same way America needs Barack Obama. He has delivered for his people and will continue to deliver once he gets elected. He has served the people with distinction and honour.

    People have been saying things about him which have no truth to it. None of what they have been rattling on about has been proven. A lot of these allegations have been made up along the way and has no element of truth attached to them. Richard is honourable and unassailable and has done the right thing by listening to the people and agreeing to contest the election which from what I have been told will be held in November.
    I wish you every success for the future Richard and please do not let the anyone get you down. Arise and shine! Let no one tell you otherwise. You can make it. You have my support.Although. I have never met you nor spoken to you, but From what I have read and heard about you, I am convinced you are truly a man of the St Lucian people. The consummate politician and one who has our peoples best interest at heart. You Go, Sir! St Lucia Needs You.
    Malcolm L'Overture
    Haitian- Lucian
    Jacmel Haiti


  3. Richard stop hating, give another man a chance. Castries Central don't belong to you


  4. All the "Hateful" comments are from the inferior party (that doesn't build anything) in this nation.

    Say the UWP wins the General Elections...take a careful look at their 5 year tenure. You will see clearly they WILL NOT AND CANNOT NOT build A THING in this COUNTRY. SMH

    Most worthless party in the GALAXY.


  5. C'mon are so much more intelligent than the members of Castries Central, who would like you to contest the election give you credit for.
    You think they know that??? Who knows...Suicide is the order of the day!!


  6. Politically speaking, Richard you are dead. Stop taking St. Lucian voters for fools. Although many of them appear to be, because of the caliber of people they vote into office. Some of you guys should just disappear from politics. Bunch of bluffers!


  7. A crude and vulgar embarassement to the body politics of this wonderful country.
    That anyone could ever have voted for this rabid fool is amazing.
    He will be well and truely brought down to earth after this elections.
    The Americans have all kinds of devious characters coming across the their borders but they ban mate from coming to their shores and this is the crap artist who is asking people for their vote.
    Castries Central do not make the same mistake again.


  8. Richard frederick has worked for castries central,give jack his jacket,but before bigging up your chest, just remember all the work he did was not as a alp nor independent candidate but under the united workers party and the leadership of stephenson king as prime minister, i honestly think the most genuine candidate is sarah flood. For the past four and a half years richard has been more on chastanet back ,defending his own gender rather than fighting for the people of castries central under the hardship of kenny ,who he think he fooling ???


  9. Frederick you really want to be Prime Minister of this Country you have tried everything. The reason for you wanting to contest the Castries Central seat is because you believe you stand a good chance ( who fool you). Now you believe if SLP can muster 8 seats and UWP can muster 8 seats and you winning as an independent candidate then all hell break loose because you will be calling the shots, and say whichever party want to form the Government must speak to you, because you now hold the power in your hands and then you will demand you be the Prime Minister of which ever party who want to form the Government. Well Prime Minister will be far from your reach. Kenny does not want you because( you know that he know that she know )remember those words? Chastanet does not want you because you were fired. You will just be splitting votes because of hate. By the way have you gotten your U.S. visa yet because if elected you might have to do some traveling HA.HA.HA


    • There is a saying; Man propose God dispose. So rest assured that those dreams of his belong in an alternate universe that will never be part of reality.


  10. You still have not told the nation why your visas were.revoked and you still havent and will never get it back. And we know you will not touch the labour party in your campaign. You help them kill us with vat water hike fuel hike and more not a word not a word.not.a word.


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