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Richard Frederick to announce future political plans

By SNO Staff

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Castries Central MP Richard Frederick.

Castries Central MP Richard Frederick.

Incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for Castries Central, Richard Frederick, will be announcing plans for his political future in the next couple of days.

Frederick told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Wednesday that he will make an announcement soon on whether or not he plans to contest the Castries Central seat at the next general election.

The MP had hinted that he plans to contest the seat as an independent candidate at the next elections, following his expulsion from the United Workers Party (UWP).

During a press conference held in late December 2015, the former minister had said that he “will be somewhere in the fray to influence votes”, stating that he wants the best for his country.

He has also made it clear his intention not to support UWP candidate for Castries Central, Peterson Francis, noting that he will not support anyone who falls under the leadership of Allen Chastanet.

Frederick was first elected as MP for Castries Central as an independent candidate, having won the by-election held on March 13, 2006. He was later endorsed by the UWP and was re-elected for the UWP in the general election of December 11, 2006.

He was selected in 2006 to serve as Minister for Housing, Urban Renewal and Local Government in the government of Prime Minister Sir John Compton.

Following Compton’s death in September 2007 and Stephenson King as prime minister, Frederick’s portfolio was then expanded to include Urban Renewal and Local Government.

Frederick ran for deputy leader of the UWP in 2008 but lost that battle. He was later forced to resign as cabinet minister in September 2011. His U.S. visa was also revoked.

He won his seat back for Castries Central during the 2011 General Elections.

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  1. These folks living in some sort of bubble... I think some how they forget all the evil they have done in the past ... least we forget as the Americans say... or is that Canadians not sure ... but from young i've been hearing f bad news corruption ....

  2. Frederick - you will not make it so please give someone else a chance.

  3. What a disgrace to UWP and St. Lucia. These scam-bags should do St. Lucia a favor and just keep it SHUT.

  4. Richard simply go away.

  5. Shoo fly go away already Richard.

  6. Peterson won't win either.

  7. Future in politics 'What is that' your political career is over. According to Donald Trump 'You are fired'

  8. Man just disappear and try to emerge as something else. You have driven all the nails in your political coffin all by yourself!

  9. Go jump in a lake, and we will all be happy if some how u do not resurface!

  10. Hey big Boss you time is up brother

    • Busy telling Richard his tine is up but no one telling King and Spider and company that have been running since devil had no teeth to take a backseat and allow freash faces to run. Choops to bias flambeaus.

      • We can say the same for Kenny. He promised to spend two terms, and now he refuse to stand down to allow PIP a chance. He is on stage trying to do Champion dance he is out of shape, his belly too big

  11. Frederick will find comfort in the warm embrace of Kenny and company, just you wait and see.

  12. i wish this man would go and hide somewhere far far away from normal people.

  13. He wants the best for his country he says.
    But his words are to be 'somewhere in the fray to influence votes'.

    Is that all a modern day politician has to offer, one who claims to want the best for his country? To be in a fray. Is that his opinion of our politics and what he thinks St. Lucians deserve

  14. Frederick you must be a mad man to even think of running for the Castries Central seat. Think again there is no way you will ever win. Richard since you won your seat by a mere 100 votes, you were disappointed, you were hoping it would have been a landslide victory. None the less no matter how small the margin you still won, and in your disappointment you chose to stay away from the people of Castries Central, we never ever saw you after November 2011. I do not know why you even bother to be present in the House of Parliament because you cannot say any thing on behalf of the people who elected you in 2011, some of us cannot even remember your face, so I hope you do not make that mistake and think you can come back to ask us to vote for you. we all know why you will not support Chastanet, we all know that he is the only man who was able to do what King could not do and that was to 'FIRE YOU'


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