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Frederick still undecided about contesting election

By SNO Staff

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Former Housing Minister and Member of Parliament (MP) for Castries Central, Richard Frederick, has said there is a 90 percent chance that he might contest the next general election.

Frederick made the announcement on Thursday evening on his television programme ‘Can I help you?’

The former United Workers Party (UWP) member has promised to announce plans for his political future and make a final decision as to whether he should contest the Castries Central seat.

Callers to his programme said now that former Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun has entered the race, it will create some challenge not only for the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) but anyone wanting to run.

But Frederick said he remains optimistic that if he happens to contest that seat again, there are chances that he could do well and maybe secure another victory.

If Frederick contests the next election, he will be joining another former MP (Micoud North) Jeannine Compton-Antoine, as the second person to throw their hats into the race as independent candidates.

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  1. The pit bull is irrelevant in my books, go an rest my man.

  2. Can someone tell me what happen to Peterson Francis? The man sounded so positive and now Chastanet boot him out for Sarah Sarah. Claudius your brother had warn you all .

    • Bambi tell us what happened to Pep, after winning his seat he was not given a ministry because it was thought he would do better in calypso Then Kenny boot him out.

  3. Run Richey run !!

  4. These guys never cease to amaze me. Richard politically speaking, you are a dead man. Leave this thing alone man!

  5. In this season of silliness one can never count on a final say.
    Searching in that wilderness again, I thought it was a done deal,
    till this man who lives in a 'Sucker's Paradise' showed his ugly
    head again. A word for you Richard, YOU ARE NO LONGER RELEVANT.

  6. Let's not fool ourselves. If there was any seat of the 17 Richard thought or knew he would win you don't think he would rush there to prove the point?
    People wake up and show politicians you have a brain.


  8. Hmm this wil be interesting. I didnt expect richard to go down without a fight. He did not disappoint.

  9. PitBull time to rest yourself.

  10. No no no he Anit splitting no votes, Lucian ppl are not blind to see the true sense of Allan and his so call candidates.these guys have no plans where they wana see Stl in the next five years. from the head all the way down are hungry for power.De slp dont need Richard to help them win any seat.he was good then he was bad bc he stood up for principles.Allan as prime minister really.....a man who is out of touch with the average st lucian.

  11. Take a hint man, the ppl do not want u...geez. i swear this man is like ....U just can't get rid of him.

  12. I know politics makes strange bed fellows but I thought it would be in Richard's favour to have Sarah win that seat as she would be fair in trying to get to the bottom of that issue.

    Plus a man must be a man and for Richard to allegedly play a political game in the SLP's favour would be astonishing after what they did and said to sully his character.

  13. Frederick there is a 90% chance you might contest the next elections, but there is also 100% chance you will lose. I just cannot comprehend why you still have your eyes set on the Castries Central seat after you deserted us . Where were you four and a half years ago? Your so called programme 'Can I help you' has not helped me at all. I have now changed the name to 'Allen Chastanet bashing show' because all I hear on that programme is Chastanet, Chastanet, Chastanet, how can that help me? Grow up. You hear Sarah is now the candidate for Castries Central, so you want to run to split votes, what is your motive for doing that?
    There is no way you can fool us. After all the horrible things that were said about you by members of the other party, you still want to try to split votes in their favor

  14. throw your hat in and see how the people vote and like you as a individual person.
    i guess you loose overwhelming without a party support like all former politicians who try to go this way. bye bye

    • Young Perspective

      To see how the people like him as an individual person? Are you forgetting he first won this same seat as an Independent Candidate.....which is also as an individual person. Were you even in St Lucia? You arre obviously out of touch with reality.


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