Richard Frederick is wondering if PM Chastanet is taking revenge on the south

By Kingsley Emmanuel

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Frederick at the townhall meeting.

“Let’s stop talking and show some action”, “It’s time for a revolution”, “Chastanet is instigating violence by what he is doing,” and “DSH must go”, were some of the anguish cries by attendees at a townhall meeting in Vieux-Fort, which was organised by Pride St. Lucia and the Vieux-Fort Concerned Citizens Coalition for Change (VFCCCC).

The objective of the meeting, which was held at the National Skills Development Centre (NSDC) in Vieux-Fort on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 was to explain the negative impact of the Desert Star Holding (DSH) project to residents of the south, and by extension the entire island.

The speakers were knowledgeable professionals from various industries.

The meeting was charged with emotion as participants expressed their concerns with venom in their voices.


In his presentation, in which he did not mince words, former government minister and talk show host, Richard Frederick declared “Revolution must come…” which triggered a thunderous applause from the already fired-up participants. He said he is wondering whether Prime Minister Allen Chastanet is targeting the south.

“I am asking myself whether he is revenging Vieux-Fort for some reason or the other…” Frederick said.

He lamented that after spending close to a million dollars on a technical audit on the St. Jude Hospital, Chastanet now wants to do a financial audit on it.

Commenting on the vexing issue of the planned relocation of the meat processing plant in Vieux-Fort, Frederick said: “I am betting my bottom dollar that if and when it is demolished, relocation will not be on the same site…”.
Frederick said Chastanet is doing things in a way to please Theo Ah Khing of DSH.

He had the audience in awe when he said: “I will tell you something which I learnt only today (Wednesday)… the Hon. prime minister intends to hand over both the Owen King Hospital and the St. Jude Hospital to the operators of the hospital in the Cayman Islands.”

This he lamented will place local doctors on the breadline because the operators of the Cayman Islands Hospital have their own conglomerate of doctors.

As it relates to the sale of 259 St. Lucian passports, he said the current administration has not done what the law dictates.

“The law dictates that those names be published and tabled in Parliament. That has not been done…,’ Frederick said.

Keith Mondesir, a former Minister of Health in the current administration, said that he is not against the development of the DSH project, but is against the management of it.

Keith Mondesir

He called on the government to listen to the experts before taking any decision on the project, which earned him a nod of approval from the gathering, which comprised of a large cross-section of the southern community. But moments later he was given a nod of disapproval when he said: “What I would advise the government if I was in Cabinet… I would let this gentleman take the land in stages.”

“No stages, no stages…” was the response from the animated audience.

Mondesir said the developer has not given the government any commitment in writing that he would provide the money to relocate the meat processing plant, adding that the government needs to have a solid commitment from him.

”The meat processing plant as I speak is ready to go as of tomorrow…” Mondesir said.

According to him, the government has not provided any scientific evidence to prove that the meat processing plant needs to be relocated.

“I have spoken to scientists and biologists… and they feel that we don’t have to remove the abattoir,” Mondesir said.

Among the other speakers were Monty Maxwell, who spoke on the effects the project has on the mangrove, Marc St. Rose (fisheries), Patrick John (agriculture) Austina Fanus (patrimony) Marie Felix (environment) and Mark Hennecart (DSH design).

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  2. By the ignorance in the comments you can tell it's all UWP HACKS>>>>> They talk the most crap!
    Now red arrow away fools!

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  3. I hope that Chastanet takes a page from Compton book and goes on to fulfill his own vision. If the SLP believes that Compton was the father of the Nation and did many great things for the country how comes the SLP always vehemently opposed those things?

    The position held by the SLP is redundant as there will always be constraints, and ideas not properly articulated in all such projects. The proposition that all matters dealing with DSH should be publicized is almost ridiculous. A lot of the details of projects of this magnitude are ironed out as the parties proceed and are usually left to be negotiated. However, the parties must contract to ensure commitment to the project, and that, the SLP must allow instead of exhibiting an immature behavior. I sincerely believe that this disruption is primarily to save the face of Dr. Anthony. meanwhile, I think the SLNT's Board should be dissolved because one arm of government cannot be opposing the actions of Government in public, that's a conflict of interest. The SLNT was designed to support and advise government' s conservation mandate, advocate to its membership and the public an awareness and the importance of preserving heritage but never to publicly and openly oppose government policy. If the Trust has an issue with a project there is an avenue for them to consult government as a government department cannot override the decisions of Cabinet.

  4. Richard Who Ah King

    RF will be the first casualty of any revolution in 758....tanto tanto

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  6. Not getting many thumbs up are you matey?

  7. This thing about "give the man a chance" is BS.If something isn't right we must address it.Im all for development,but let's not sell our Sovereignty.

  8. This man needs to take a back seat and shut the hell up. Devil in disguise. Bad intentions.

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  10. A despicable POS.

  11. Another rogue dinosaur in our political life. We are cursed with so many of these. They keep on pouring from our ears.

  12. Why don't old politicians retire completely, silently and entirely after the voting public
    have told them, enough is enough. Isn't there a better life after the hustle of politics?

  13. R f forgot when Kenny said you was the worse person to be in politics no shame

  14. The country would be much better of if he were to just wander, instead wonder. Now we are very much worse off as he wonders. I wish the US would help us further with this nuisance.

  15. Richerd we luv you ..hate by a few. becus you bringing out the truth and it hurting some ppl..continue the gud works bro some of them will soon come to there senses

  16. How many idiot lawyers can one tiny county produce?

  17. My dear St lucian please wake up and don`t be lead astray by these hungry soop drinkers. Tellthem u are smart now not like 20 years ago, you are educated and can make decisions. The concerned citizen where were u all this many years and sudden you arise, but who will listen to u because u are are hackers of the opposition

  18. Dear Mr.Chasternet how come we have (259 Citizen By Investments) people with Lucian passports an less than 2% of that number create work for us Lucians, it's 2yrs plus now that program in effect an a lot of us still eh have jobs so what u make these people citizens for, an y they buy Lucian passports an i eh see or hear most of them open any businesses yet, i did the math d answer i getting is (259 Citizens By Investments) should equal zero or close to zero unemployment in St.Lucia BUT I STILL EH WORKING WOOOW.

  19. Richard, why is the U.S. government investigating you? Why can’t you travel to England or France?

  20. My people please listen to Fredrick carefully and ask ur self if 259 citizens by investment people get passports already and they supposed to be investors where Is d investments they have brought to SLU coz 259 investments should be more than enough for every Lucian to have a job think of that b4 we crucifie Richards.

  21. You'll just building more support for Chastanet.

  22. I know there is a saying tht goes not what your country can do for u but what u can do for your country but Richard is trying so hard to distroy this country

  23. Is it me or are all the speakers SLP affiliates? I remember them clear from the days of St Lucians aiming for progress facebook group.

  24. Richard u remember what kenny Antonie said when u first enter into politics "u are the worst thing that has happen to the politics of st lucia well my brother u are just proving that statment its purpose .U Richard has divided this country and u hve no shame in doing this.

  25. concerned foreign citizen

    Who is taking revenge of who, The Lord doesn't sleep.

  26. Unfortunately my dear St.lucians, the island is being sold to the highest bidder, soon from now our middle class citizens if we still have any, will get poorer and poorer leaving only rich and poor. My people please educate yourself and "Emancipate yourself from party slavery." Most politician are only there for themselves, friends and family oh and those who provide campaign money to them, at which time, they must deliver on their promise to give favors when they get in power. "Wise up" and hold them accountable, remember if you are not doing it for yourselves, do it for your children and grandchildren, as I know alot of people that depend on their children or will do so in the future. Please do not let those so call politicians steal your children's future and sell off our Island for pennies. Any business deal that is proposed to St.lucia where foreign interests are concerned, must be in the highest interest of St.Lucia and St. Lucian regardless of party affiliation. You brought your children into this world particularly St.lucia, so the least you can do is give them a better chance than you had.

  27. Richard needs to stop trying to make himself relevant. Bro you are no longer current and past tense.
    You are insiting violence by telling people untruths and using scare tactics, the oldest trick in the book.

    Now you see when it comes to educated professionals, (I am an educator, qualified in science education) I dont take all they say for gold. Because this thing called :intellectual lattitude" is overriden by many. They presume that their educated guesses are always right because they have a degree. Not always so. Ask Richard why he isnt practicing law. Was he barred from doing so locally? He needs to chill and stop instilling fear in the less informed.

  28. The dumbest set of people in the caribbben are st.lucian. First you guys placed a man who is not a st.lucian born as P.M, secondly you guys have been allowing him to sell out the island to foreigners, ask yourself how dumb can a set of people be

    • Don't go there, because another set of foreign-borners Compton & Mallet rode in triumph for decades on the backs of other dumb St. Lucians. Those slaves from the Martinique and other French plantations were the most stupid in the world. They treat themselves as second class and tell me they are celebrating independence. Oui mamma. Zort fou.

  29. Unimaginable. Richard Frederick is now the shepherd of the SLP. This should qualify him to be a candidate for the next election

  30. Richard, you took advantage of VFort. Tell Vfortians why wasn't the housing project at La Resource never finished. The contractor was already in St Lucia. Didn't you ask the contractor for $1 million so that presented the proposal to cabinet for concession? Do not use your hatred for Chastanet to mess with Vfortians. Check the records of land sale in VFort for the past years. Mostly people from the north purchasing land. You want to know why? Because of the very unemployment in the south we cannot buy land. You guys wants it stay that way.

  31. Who has the time to listen to the likes of Richard and K. Mondesir? these two disgruntled
    political rejects are only out to create trouble, because they can't have their own way. Check on
    what went on during their time in office. They both know they got away because, only in St. Lucia.
    You will always have the idle, the gullible, the simple and the naive hanging around with Richard.

  32. Richard is Satan the devil he is busy trying to see how many of us he can take down with him,my people please rebuke him for his heart bares nothing but malice and ice cold hatred towards anyone anything UWP. Hey Richard get a life your fifteen minutes of fame is over go back to your hood and calm down,you are not taking us down again. Your talk stinks your ambition stinks you are now a HAS BEEN so shoo fly. Again when you cannot win you always try to raise a holy war but this time it will be up your own azz mark my words we are tired of you.

  33. A bunch of jokers and selfish mules.

  34. The sad part about the equestrian fraction of the deal is that this industry is in major decline in the majority of countries except for China. Just not sure how they intend to make money out of this illconcieved idea. The biggest race house facility in the US was closed down to build a stadium in California. This is happening all over the US.
    If this group do their homework, they will see that this is directly related to the baby boomers getting to retirement age. The present crop of kids have not shown the interested in horses that was prevalent in the 70’s and 80’s.Too much screen time and little activity outside. But we can keep dreaming. Dreams to some are reality.

  35. Richard pay chew

  36. St Lucians needs to wake up. These issues r affecting our country. Talking about somebody else business isn't gonna bring resolutions to our day to day problems.
    Stop the bickering & come 2gether as one, bz in the end we all gonna suffer , if these issues aren't address

  37. Only in St Lucia of today , moulded by the crass incompetence of the SLP, could a set of so called intelligent and supposedly well brought up people listen to a dangerous thug like Richard Fredericks.
    It shows the lack of decency of our society and how far we have fallen that so many are so vulgar in their behaviour and associations.
    Shame on Mondesir. His parents must be turning in their grave for him to share a stage with that vulgar buffoon Fredericks. We all live here so know who and what Fredericks is. Countries run by people like him are Mugabe and Idi Amin like creations with all the traits of failed states. No decent person would associate with him.
    St Lucia has really fallen.

  38. This is all R.F does .....he incites anger, hate, violence in people who don't take their time to read and research.

    • .....and what research have you done ?? Is it the environmental engineering report ? Did you read the "provisions" of the contract ? Did you understand the language ? Did you understand the crafted language that states the developer does not guaranteed natives employment upon completion. Did you read and understand Mr. Theo Ah King will not pay any taxes ? Have you read the stipulate language that states Mr. Theo Ah King shall pay no future taxes ? How about the provisions that states Mr. Theo Ah King retains all fees of the sale of The St Lucian Passport (CIP) as it pertains to the DHS Project and all profits that's generated from the DHS project. Did you read the paragraph and it's carefully crafted language that states Mr. Theo Ah King can exercise the right NOT to profit share; not even with the Government of St Lucia ? What the hell did you read ??? Most St Lucians are so caught up in partisan politics they can't see their birthright been pulled right from under them until 99 years from now when it's handed back to them to start making their own profit suckers. After every revolution their is always a change, but the people are timid and naïve and will never rise up and the politicians knows this. Where in St Lucian History have there been an uprising ?? People pay attention. READ

  39. Richard you hungry for power, give chastenet a chance to do something for st lucians. Bro tke a chill pill.

  40. None sence


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