Richard Frederick is angry, vows to rename Serenity Park when re-elected

Richard Frederick is angry, vows to rename Serenity Park when re-elected
Richard Frederick (left) says he will rename Serenity Park when re-elected. At right, the new name for the park was formally unveiled on Wednesday.

(SNO) — The renaming of Serenity Park in Sans Souci, Castries is not going down well with attorney and former Castries Central Member of Parliament Richard Frederick, who accused officials of attempting to erase history and totally wipe him out from Saint Lucia’s political landscape.

The park, which was Frederick’s brainchild, was officially opened on May 5, 2011 by Frederick but was renamed the Sir George William Mallet Serenity Park on Wednesday at a ceremony during which he was not present.

Reports are that he was not invited.

But Richards said although the park was renamed, he will remain in the hearts of the people of his former constituency.

“No matter what you do, the name Richard Frederick will remain stamped on the minds and in the hearts of the people of Castries Central,” he told HTS. “They want to erase history and in doing so they want to totally obliterate the name Richard Frederick from the political landscape of this country.”

He pointed out that the park was his idea and Sir George has never represented the people of Sans Souci.

“Why not Constitution Park where he represented?” Frederick queried.

He is of the opinion that the name change was “totally unwarranted”.

“The park was named after a very intense competition,” he explained. “There were hundreds of entries from various schools in Castries Central and a committee was formed. Out of that committee, the committee decided who the winner was. It had nothing to do with me or my interference.”

He said he was asked if the park was to be named after him since it was his brainchild, but he refused, and opted for having the children of Castries be involved in the naming of the park.

Frederick hopes to run again for political office in the future in the same constituency and if he wins, he has vowed to reverse the name change.


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  2. I don't see why they had to remain the park. There are so many other structures that they intent to build why don't just name it after him. OJO Labs, the horse race track, the school that Guy's wife has, the dolphin park and much more. i don't see the need. That's just malicious and respectful. I voted for these guys and I'm quite disappointed.


  3. Your brainchild? So whose money? Richard is talking as if we didn't pay him to be a Minister or we were not paying him to think. Richard whatever you did was not for yourself unless there is something that we don't know.


  4. Richard, no one is trying to erase you from history, since I see your name big and bold on the plaque. Opened by Hon Richard ....So that line is nonsense. Yes it was named by a committee, but are you saying that adding a national hero in front of the same name to extend it such an act that it warrants your statement to want to change it if reelected. I mean, I dont see your reelection at all possible so I guess the name wont change. LOL


  5. Yes Richard. I agree it was your brainchild, It was your baby but you cannot say when you get back
    into power you will change the name again. power is far from your reach. i do not think the people
    in Central Castries will vote for you again because in 2011 you won your seat but your party did not
    form the Government. The people in Central Castries voted for you but since your Party did not form
    the Government you turned your back on the people' for eight years people in Central Castries have never seen or heard you not even Thank you for supporting you. now you want to run and you realise
    the only place you might stand a chance is in Central you want to return..well you will not get my vote ..good bye


  6. What hell dude they only added Sur Mallet to the name serenity. What’s the bloody big deal. You are just a bitter idiot. You are you own demise and it will only get worst moron


  7. For once i can say he is correct on this matter ..this is victimization . the same thing this current government said they will not do .oh well the truth of power continue to show the truth of people's character .


  8. as much as i agree with him in the renaming of the park was unnecessary and uncalled for what reelected he talking about. lol who going to vote for you. only if a new party forms and put u in power but not ever again.


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