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Richard Frederick describes schoolboys with guns as “recruits to a criminal empire”

By SNO Staff

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Frederick (inset photo) said the photo of the two schoolboys with firearms is an indication that lawlessness is on the rise in Saint Lucia, and government hasn’t been setting an example.

(SNO) — Former government minister Richard Frederick has called on the police commissioner to investigate a photo in which two secondary schoolboys brandish firearms.

Frederick, a lawyer and former minister for physical planning, housing, urban renewal and local government, made the call Thursday via his weekly live talk show, ‘Can I Help You’, on MBC television.

During the show, he displayed the photo of the boys but had their faces and school crest hidden with emojis. St. Lucia News Online, which obtained an uncensored copy of the photo, was informed by law enforcement sources that the school crest belong to the Clendon Mason Memorial School in Dennery.

According to Frederick, one of the boys in the photo is the son of a police officer.

“Now Mr. Commissioner, one of them, his mother is an officer. Bring him in, force them to tell you whose guns were they,” Frederick said.

“One has a shotgun, the other has a pistol holding it in … side-ward down manner,” he added. “That is what we come to today.”

The former Castries Central parliamentary representative said “lawlessness is on the rise” and the government is not a good example of upholding the law.

“But if you stand lawlessness with the government, if there is lawlessness in the government, then there must be lawlessness that permeates every sector of our society. What is going on in this country? Somebody tell me. Schoolboys, secondary-schoolboys, recruits to a criminal empire, that is where we are at now.”

“And the mother of one of the boys, my instructions is, a police officer. Mr. Commissioner, please investigate and get the necessaries done,” Frederick said.

A law enforcement official said the police are aware of the photo of the gun-toting boys and the matter is been investigated.

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  1. How old was bage when he was recruited. Richard ni cheer wii

  2. Public flogging they need

  3. Kids are so dumb. Young girls post racy pictures. Boys post pictures of themselves holding guns or consuming illegal drugs. Don't they know that their future interviewers will find this stuff? Yet they will complain when they can't find jobs after they graduate. Trust me once you post it online , it's there forever. Someone will always keep a copy and that someone may just be the person who decides if you get into University or your dream job.

  4. Of course. He's an expert in criminal enterprises.

  5. Look who's talking........Richard Please,I had a good laugh I even wet my nickers.

  6. So what a minute so the Government is responsible for the actions of these monsters who glorify gang wars, guns, drugs, delinquency and the list goes on. What about their parents, the music videos, the songs and all the drug dealers here who they are seeing daily showing off the drug life and getting away with it and also idolizing all what is negative? We don't want to take blame for shit but always want to run to the government once things turn sour. We a breeding these monsters and setting them free for society to handle our problems when the shit hits the fan. The only thing the government can do is initiate programs, spend monies to educate, create jobs, create the enabling circumstances for the economy to grow and also help the police and the judicial system run properly and enforce the laws. But if you have people that don't want to respect, use or even follow what is above what you think is going to happen? When you have a side of youth only walking around the place looking for trouble to prove who is the baddest, going to school to have sex, show off and lime, Being loud, rude and unruly because POPCAAN said so and he's our idol what you think is going to happen? When you catch drug dealers and you don't seize their assets, killers kill and walk the streets like nothing without much jail time or anything what you think is going to happen? When you have these thugs living by a code that revenge is a must, get rich or die trying and snitches get stitches what you think is going to happen? When you have businessmen, politicians and police liming with these same criminals and protecting them as their friends or their bosses what you think is going to happen? The children see and know everything and to the rest of society that's nothing new or it eh a big deal but to the youth that's thuglife and man these guys are bad and that's who they want to be like so what you think is going to happen? This pic was used on a show for political points but I know that it wouldn't be nothing if I was in bed with the government. You see the things we flaunt proudly in the streets and in society, the secrets that we keep in the closets and let out in the dark, the back alley transactions, the whispers about or dealings and what people see and know that we think they don't that's coming back to bite us in the ass right now. And if we don't attack the youth seriously to try and end the lifestyle they think is good and glamours which they idolize so badly we are only spinning top in mud.

    • It's a comment section... you don't need to write an essay

    • This is not a government issue its a society problem which will keep increasing. I do agree that parents has a lot to play in whats happening in today's world, but what are we as people in the nation doing. we as Lucians love to talk but have no action and need to stop talking and start walking. Children loitering after school with nothing doing in town with parents pacing a blind eye to it. We can go on and on, on this issue but we need to take a stand everyone.

  7. This is way the wayward schoolboys want to be , Gangstas, badman and hitmen. They are not doing well in school so all they see in their future is jobs like security guards and low level hotel jobs. So they rather take the easy option of a life of crime to get "Fast money". But with that lifestyle comes a short lifespan but they dont care

    • TheSaintLuciaActivist

      It's not just them... Men/boys (on the streets, at work, school, etc.) address each other as follows:
      Shatta (as in shooter); bad man; bad boy; mafia; killer; bad boy; gangster; my G. (G as in gangster); dog; goon (a bully or thug, especially one hired to terrorize or do away with opposition); etc. I'm sure I have missed many...
      That should just give you and idea where our society is headed.

  8. Look who's talking.

  9. It can be their parents own


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